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Full Version: So I Rescued A Puppy...
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So our neighbor's house is up for sale and I think it's completely abandoned, but when I went out today, I heard this weird crying noise on their side of the fence, so I climbed it and tried to figure out what it was. It was this cute little puppy running around the yard with no food or water in the Florida heat wearing this lame pink jacket thing. So first I just gave it some food and water, and was going to leave it, but I decided it was waaay too cute to leave.

My mom saw it, was like "No!" but now the no is a maybe, and I'm gonna keep working on her. ;D

So, when I first saw it (I think it's a boy... it has a thing I think.. but it was wearing a pink sweater?) I thought it looked like an Abbie. My friend was like "Shelby?". I kinda wanna name it Bison as an inside joke.. Annnyway. Pictawrs!

Oh, and this is probably a bad thing, but my cat hates him..

I say name it Evelyn and then point you to this.
Aww. Cute song. But the name is out, I have a relative named Evelyn. Good suggestion though!
Well what is your cat's name? I'm sure I can find a perfect name for the dog based off that... well maybe at least..
Umm, Cocoa. I grew up obsessed with chocolate milk, and I thought my cat looked like chocolate milk.. I was like 6 when I got her. tongue.gif

Oooh, I should totally name him Kaba (chocolate milk in German).

My cat:

Hmmmm.... I do like Kaba... though myself I would go for something a little more in the Norweigan area due to the whole blue eye bit... Maybe something like:

Roffe: Swedish pet form of the Scandinavian Rolf, meaning "famous wolf."
Roffe is pretty cool. Is that pronounced like "Ruff-y" or just "Roff"?

What do you think of Lynk? I'm still thinking the thing is totally an Abbie, but everyone seems to be against me giving a guy a dog a girl name. The logic behind that one: Abbie > Abe > Lincoln > Linkin > Link > Lynk.

Btw, not very noticeable in the picture, but one blue eye one green eye. biggrin.gif
Ah... fair point... green eyes and blue eyes do look so similar... especially in interwebs pictures...

I believe it is pronounced RO-ffe... kinda like if the world Roland and Coffee got together, had premarital sex, and had a bastard child...

Lynk isn't too bad... Though I would have to hear this dog before I could give him that name... I mean really, giving a dog with a squeaky bark the name of Lynk would be rather unfortunate... well at least in my book...
Well.. he's going to get bigger...

I'd totally go record his voice, but he's finally shut up, and I don't want to wake him up again. smile.gif Man, this dog is suuch an attention wh0re. Leave him for 30 seconds, and he starts crying. So you pet him, and he'll pretend to sleep, and you get up and start walking away and he gives you this sad look.. Yeah, I'm totally in love with this dog. If my mom decides we can't keep it, it'll just look at her, and she might change her mind..
That's an adorable dog. He looks like a pure breed, and may well be quite expensive. I wouldn't bet that he was actually left behind by the neighbours, he's still young so might have escaped. Puppies tend to do that! Have you put up any 'puppy found' posters? You can say that it was wearing a pink top and let any claimants describe the dog to reclaim it - those blue eyes are pretty distinctive!

I like 'Sinatra' smile.gif
Hmm, not yet. Though I guess I could. I'll take a few pictures, staple them to paper, and staple them around. Though, if anyone calls, I'll just ask "What was it wearing when it got out?" to confirm if the caller is the actual owner.

He's bonded with my mom. Hopes looking high now in case no owner is found. biggrin.gif
You're going to have a very grumpy cat pretty soon...
Such a gorgeous puppy! However, Mata is right- you really, really ought to put up "lost" posters and/ or take it to the local vet to see if it's chipped or whether it has been reported as lost. Although it is beautiful and lovely, imagine if it was your puppy that accidentally got out of your house/ garden?
If you do find its owner, but your mum got more used to the idea of you having a puppy, how about you go to your local pound and find one? Not sure about in the US, but in the UK dogs in rescue centres and pounds are given their shots and neutered before you get them (which reduces vets bills for a young animal).

Now, after that lecture!
Suggestions from the room are: Action Jackson, "Something with jack in it", Pooch, and Iceface The Soul Render. Also: George, Freddie Mercury, Dogface The Dog and Oriana.
We had one of those advertisement things that you stick in the grass when you have a yard sale or something that was blank on one side (oh the wonders of what junk you find in the garage) and wrote "Puppy Found." and my mom's cell number on it. I'm going over to Eli's house today, but my mom's taking him (her? cousin thinks it's a girl) to the vet. We think it might have worms. sad.gif

Names! I told my mom his name is Lynk Roffe <last name>, but then her friend texted her asking what his name was and she said we hadn't decided yet. Bleh.

Poochie is already his nickname (and Buddy), and would totally go for Jack (Dominic also thought it totally looked like a Jack), but that's possibly the name of one of my future sons, so I don't want to use it, same goes for Sebastian.

I need to leave the house now, but I have this funny video we shot yesterday of us (being slightly mean >_>) and putting the dog on a boogie board and letting him hover around the pool. ...He tried getting off, and kinda fell in.. But he's fine! I'll put it on YouTube and Facebook link later.
Good, I'm glad this little doggy of awesomeness is not a female. I say this because of two things:

1. Every female husky puppy/dog I met was named Misty.

2. Every Misty was mean and very nasty, trying to bite me.

So yeah, definitely avoid Misty as a name if you run into female huskies >_>.

I still am digging Kaba.
Haha, forgot to update this. It actually is a female. >_>

Name is actually Lynkin Roffe <last name>, but my mom's calling her Reah (sp? Re- ah'), and my step-sister is calling her Abbie/ something different every day. We've agreed on Shaggy, just no one is calling her Shaggy yet.

Meh, not like it matters. Step-dad is a d*ck and we don't get to keep her. sad.gif His logic is so f**ked. "She bites things." Yeah, well, she's teething and isn't trained yet. "I understand that, but she dug a hole in my backyard." Again, not trained yet. "I understand that, but you guys don't take care of her enough?" What are you talking about? 3+ walks a day, playing in the house all the time, and too much food isn't 'enough'? "I understand that, but I don't want a dog." (Didn't actually say this, but) It isn't always about what YOU want. You're out-numbered 4 to 1 you selfish prick.
So, essentially what you're saying is that we need to find a Mata-ite to adopt your puppy?
Possibly. My mom's friend said she wants her, but she has to test her out and she how she acts around her other dog first.

Lemme know if anyone wants her.
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