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Full Version: Do Delivery Drivers Muck About?
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Usurper MrTeapot
I'm baffled.

I'm in the living room, which is by the front door. I get a note through the door saying the usual 'sorry we missed you' card and open the door just in time to see a van drive off. There was no knock.

The card says a package has been left at number 28. There aren't 28 doors on the road. I knock around and ask a few of the equally baffled neighbours if anything has been left for them.

So I go indoors and ring up to find out, the automated voice-box tells me that my reference code is meaningless and eventually the real person on the other end says the same.

Do drivers just go around posting fake package cards?
I can only assume so. I've had similar things happen to me. I think that they do it when they're running late, or want to knock-off early that day. All they have to do is say 'there was no-one in' and then the package becomes someone else's problem. If they say they left it at a neighbour's house then they have passed on the responsibility again.

It's very annoying when it happens, especially since our 'collection office' is conveniently located in Tibet (that might be a slight exaggeration, but you certainly can't get there without driving).
I've had a similar situation.

I was sat at the door pretty much all day waiting for a parcel. I had the tracking page open which said it was due to be delivered shortly. A few minutes I hit refresh and it said that delivery had been attempted and nobody was home so the parcel was being returned to the depot.

No note came through the letter box and nobody knocked or even approached the house so I guess the driver just couldn't be bothered to deliver it.

I gave the delivery company (FedEx) a call and they refused to turn the driver around or do anything without the sender (Apple) giving them specific instructions. I eventually gave up on getting the parcel since Apple were useless about it too.
Not knocking when I'm in really annoys me. Once I saw the card on the mat, and this was a postman supposed to be delivering a package, not a delivery driver. I went out and caught up with him, showed him the card and said I was in. He refused to give me the package, and I ended up following him to the sorting office (about 2 miles away) and waiting until he'd handed it back in, so it could be immediately handed back out to me. Bastard.
Usurper MrTeapot
Mystery solved, it was a poorly written 25. So the driver walked halfway down the road with a heavy box of wine rather than knock on our actual door near where he parked his van.
I too have had a similar experience of a postie being a jerk.
Teapot, you're getting wine delivered? How classy.
I've only noticed this one recently, but it's happened to me as well. Just the odd delivery, seems whenever the courier/postie is feeling lazy they just post the card and bugger off without knocking at all. Makes you want to slap them, but you can never be sure you're getting the one that "tried" to deliver it before...
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