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QUOTE (leopold @ Nov 27 2009, 06:03 AM) *
QUOTE (LoLo @ Nov 25 2009, 03:54 PM) *
Do they sparkle?

I don't know. I've not read the books and we're only halfway through the first season over here. All I've seen is Jason Stackhouse on V with that Amy (who looks startlingly familiar) and they were a bit sparklified. And unless I've missed a trick, they ain't vamps.

But in my book, no, they weren't going to be sparkly. And I'd have never chosen the name Sookie for my leading lady either.

Sparkling refers to Twilight, not True Blood. lol It's why the vamps can't go out in the sun, because people would know because they sparkle. I say in this day and age of body glitter, this would not be a problem.

With that said True Blood is awesome! The books are even better than the series. I wish I was able to watch the show while it was on, but alas I don't have the channel it's on so I have to wait for DVDs and season 2 can't come out quickly enough.

I've only read one of the Sookie Stackhouse books and it didn't really inspire me much, but I do love the series. I'm considering writing a vampire book next time, but I'm sure it won't be nearly as popular as the romance versions because I don't think I really have it in me to make them so... Watered down. They are very neutered in the Twilight series (which is probably why they're so popular). Vampires have survived so long because they are a very powerful icon for many aspects of the human mind - taking away many of their qualities seems like a road to nowhere. Surely they're about sex and death, but if you take away the sex, and the death, then you're not left with much.
I failed. I accept my failure. It was an experience, nonetheless.
QUOTE (LoLo @ Nov 27 2009, 02:54 PM) *
Sparkling refers to Twilight, not True Blood. lol

Right, yes. I'd forgotten that bit was from Twilight.

I prefer True Blood, to be honest. It has all the same characteristics, such as humans and vamps coexisting, werewolves, dispelling myths, the frowned-on affections twixt Human female and Vampire bloke, but it also has the darker edges and not so much of the teenage angst. Teenage angst was great when I was a teenager, but now I'm an old fart it all becomes a bit tiresome. It was said lovelorn behaviour that made the last Harry Potter film transcend dullness. But as I say, I'm an old fart. I want my human/vamp relations to be a bit spicier and less, well, angsty.

I'll no doubt receive a tirade of abuse for daring to suggest that Twilight is anything short of sheer brilliance at it's most brilliant laugh.gif
QUOTE (leopold @ Dec 1 2009, 05:06 PM) *
I'll no doubt receive a tirade of abuse for daring to suggest that Twilight is anything short of sheer brilliance at it's most brilliant laugh.gif

I don't think so. Not on this forum, at least. Definitely not from me! I read the books to see what all the hype was about, and I hated them. Don't even get me started on how creepy/stalkery Edward is. Girls should not think it is dreamy when a boy sneaks in their window and watches them sleep! UGH.

I just checked my writing buddies page on the NaNo site, and InKy won as well! Yay him! happy.gif
I am currently reading Naked Lunch and my friend is reading New Moon. We read out passages from each other's book when waiting for a lecture to start, and she was horrified by the phrase "rainbow ejaculation". To say the least.

I don't like vampire novels, and I don't want True Blood because of my job. True story.
Yep, InKy got there on the last day smile.gif

Has anyone gone back and polished any of their books from earlier years?
Industrial Kybosh
QUOTE (Mata @ Dec 2 2009, 01:28 PM) *
Yep, InKy got there on the last day smile.gif

Has anyone gone back and polished any of their books from earlier years?

Nyuk nyuk nyuk. Yup, I done did it. I've passed it on to some trustworthy buddies and had some decent feedback thus far, so I'm going to give it a quick buff and see if there's any mileage in my prose. Wish me luck!
How much mileage are you thinking of getting? Are you considering turning it into something full-length? I'm just starting on (what I believe to be) the final round of editing on my novel and I finally think I've nailed an issue that's been troubling me for ages: using the passive rather than active voice when describing events.

For example, I might previously have written:
He was holidng the gun to her head, then pulled the trigger.

Now I would write
He put the gun to her head, pasued for a moment, and pulled the trigger.

Basically I'm going through removing as many instances of the words 'was' and 'were' as possible, and that makes the story have more immediacy, even though I stick in the past tense while telling it. I'm really quite excited to have finally cracked this, now I just need to change my eyes so they see it when they read it!
I thought passive voice was more like "The gun was put to her head, and after a momentary pause the trigger was pulled" ?
Industrial Kybosh
Mata - To be honest, what I've written so far is pretty self-contained, so I doubt there will be much additional wordage. Yes, I might move a couple of chapters about and expand some sections, but from my own readthroughs, and from some of the feedback I've been getting from some of my able team of proofreaders, it's actually pretty tight as is. Needs polish, but it's structurally sound.

It also helps that the passive sentence structure thing doesn't really affect me, given that mine is not an action-heavy piece and can afford to meander slightly, with a whimsical look on its face. But if there's guns and heads involved, you don't wanna be getting all passive. I'm looking forward to reading the finished product. wink.gif
Me too... Whenever that finally happens. It's proving hard to get the intertia built up to get the editing done. I must try harder. My new year's resolution was to finish the edit and send it out to more agents this year, so I'd better get on with it!
Industrial Kybosh
Heh, me too. Perhaps we can buddy up and egg each other on to get some bloody editing done.

That's actual editing, by the way. Not EDITing.
Consider the egging begun! I've got through a whole chapter today. Having days off work rocks!
Industrial Kybosh
Egg egg egg...

It would help, Mata, if you didn't spend your mornings introducing me to hilariously filthy bands and their wonderfully perverse tunes. Glad you did, though. wink.gif
That's true, but I did get editing done in the afternoon! 13% done so far.

(For anyone wondering what tunes these might be, search on YouTube for The Wet Spots, 'Do You Take It...' and 'Texas Annie' are particularly recommended. Not safe for work, family areas, or pretty much anywhere.)
A mate of mine introduced me to the Wet Spots' work recently. <3
Industrial Kybosh
The Kinky Neighbours tune was a particular favourite of mine. happy.gif

Buffing and scraping is going nicely on the rough draft. I'm actually close to 100% happy with the first chapter now, having read it back. It's later on in the text where the work is needed though, plus there's the now legendary bit-I-wrote-whilst-off-my-nut-on-whiskey. dry.gif
QUOTE (Industrial Kybosh @ Apr 1 2010, 11:26 AM) *
the now legendary bit-I-wrote-whilst-off-my-nut-on-whiskey. dry.gif

That's exactly when I produce all my finest work!

... the previous statement may be a lie .
Industrial Kybosh
I like to believe the same about myself. My old writing style was to pop open a bottle of red wine, drink it while writing, then keep repeating the process until I could no longer see the keyboard. Then I'd go on iRC... dry.gif
4,500 words edited today! This is going much more smoothly than editing ever has done before, so hopefully this won't be too painful after all. I'm still a little iffy about the first chapter (it's such an important part that it's hard to be certain I've nailed it), and I think there might be a bit around 60% through that needs more buffing, as well as a little in the final chapter, but overall I think that this is boding very well for the rest of the process. It's 17% done now, which is the quite uninteresting fraction of 1/6. Still, that's nearly 20%, which is a far more excting number to reach. Hurrah for inspiring yourself with stats!
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