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Hello everyone!

To those of you who can drive, please share if you have done any damage! Whats your worst driving story?

I am asking because of an incident today with me, could of been worse but its shaken my confidence to drive. And it took me a long time to gain some confidence in being able to drive! I felt pretty down most the evening due to what happened. sad.gif I am a bit more scared to drive now. I should of got dad to sit in with me, the first few times or my mum. I hope it does not cost dad much to repair.
...Well, we didn't do any damage but this was the worst driving experience of my life (so far).

I wanna say a year ago, two tops, two friends and I snuck out of the house in the middle of the night to go take my mom's car for a drive. It wasn't our first time, and normally I went first, and would back my mom's car out of the driveway. Sarah convinced me to let her go first, so she did. She drove around for a while, staying in the general area of the neighborhood, going no further than the Publix like a mile and a half down the road. Speed limits and all driving regulations followed at all times, no real horse play. Sarah parked in the Publix driving lot so we could switch seats. ..Instead of getting out, she crawled from the driver's seat into the back, and I crawled from the front passenger into the front. I then attempted to put the car back into drive, but the shifter-thingy wouldn't let me put it from park into drive. After about 30 seconds of messing with the thing, we started panicking, convinced we must have kicked something while switching seats and broken it. Sarah was trying to move it, with a little too much pressure, so Jesse (friend in the back seat) started freaking out. She wanted to get out and walk home. We were like nooo. After five minutes of sitting there in sheer panic, calculating how long we were going to be grounded for and how much s**t we'd be in, Sarah was like "Izzy... Your foot is on the brake, right?" Pause. "..Umm, does it have to be?" "You are such a freaking idiot." Because I was always the one to back out of the driveway, which was on a slope, my foot was always on the brake anyway. I never realized that it had to be.

I can almost legally drive now. Old enough, just haven't taken the drug and alcohol course/test at school yet. Haven't wrecked anything, don't plan too.

I think a lot of new drivers have accidents early on, because of lack of experience, so what you're feeling is natural. Just remember that without actually driving, you're never going to get any better at it, so just be more cautious next time. smile.gif
I think this is an appropriate time to tell the story of my third driving test. About five minutes in, I was driving down a dual carriageway approaching a roundabout. "At the roundabout, take the third exit, coming back the way we've come." No problem, I've done this before, I indicate and start looking for a gap to move into the right hand lane. We're still approaching the roundabout, no gap. Getting very close now, still no gap. Just yards away from the roundabout I think "Yes! Gap!" Yank the wheel over, and had the examiner not grabbed it and pulled it back, straight into the side of a huge, bright orange TNT lorry.

I took the first exit and pulled over until I stopped feeling like I was having a heart attack.
Thanks Yanick for sharing that.

True my examiner last Monday ended with saying be careful every 1/5 new drivers has an accident don't be a statistic!

So it's been 1 week since I passed my driving test but I was yet to drive. I wanted to drive a little so I felt like a driver! So at around 6 something pm I decide to do that! I was smiling, feeling confident I got the car ready to go and soon I hear a boom! I am so silly the car was close to the pole- should of reversed some- where did my common sense go I tried going out again, another boom at that point I just swtiched off locked the car and got my dad to fix the car and my heart was just beating fast and I was really panicked. I never looked properly how much damage I did but it did dent the front part but tis still drivable!

Thanks Cheese I have done something similar but not at a roundabout! I have also damaged like 3 tyres in driving lessons/even my 1st test! But today was the worst because the framework got damaged not just the tyre!

True I think the key important thing is I don't let this put me off driving. I have been learning on and off for years now, so I would forget everything and it really would be a waste to not drive around sometimes now! I really have struggled to learn how to drive and so many times had a break from learning and was close to giving up but I am glad I never and on my 2nd attempt last week I passed, in heavy rain with my worse manover and parts of routes I have never seen- despite practicing in that area! I was over the moon and could not believe I finally did it. I got my lisence in the post on Saturday which made me even more happy but today has kind of shook me! I am calmer about it now and am trying for that effect not to last long.

Thank you everyone for you replies/support! It means a lot to me! biggrin.gif
er... guess I should toss my hat into the ring here...

I have been a 'driver' for quite a long time... so when it came time to get my license I had no issues... however, I never had my own car to drive... I got my car when I got my license... on 06/06/2006 (yes, its true on 666 I got my license... I can prove it too!) I started becoming a menace to the general populace... I had no incidents until Christmas Day 2006... I was going to pick up my girlfriend to bring her to Christmas dinner... She didn't tell me that she was at her grandmother's house, which is on the other side of town from her house... I drive to her house, turn around, start flying to her grandmother's because we're late now... And naturally, it was the first day that it had rained in many months... I come up to a traffic light, hydroplane, slide into the back of another car... Now, I did manage to slow myself down enough to prevent my car from any major damage or from setting my airbags off... The other car was less than perfect afterwards... The family in the other car was not hurt badly, however there were minor injuries... The people in the other car were not properly restrained, I know that, they know that, however I am - to this day - fighting them about their injuries...

I know I probably would have hit them regardless of my speed. I know my actions leading up to that incident caused more harm than good... but there are always two sides to every story...

I suggest you not worry about your incident. But do remember that you are not very experienced and consider everyone on the road to be the same. It will keep you safer, but not necessarily a better driver. If you feel that it isn't safe to drive, you may be right but you need to find where your limits are and constantly push them so that you know how to react. Since my accident, I have learned so very much about what I did right, wrong, and everything in between those two...

I guess the moral is that you will only learn if you try to learn. Keep safe and drive on.
Thanks SPEAKER so much for sharing.

I am no major damage or injury was done. Thanks for your advise your right. I hope later this week sometime I drive but this time it will be early in the morning, with my mum next to me with p plates on. I hope that goes fine! I wanted too by January be driving to university, I really hope I am able to do this.

Has anyone done pass plus? My instructor and examiner recommend I do it! Well obviously they would, more money for instructor! What did what involve, how many hours and is it really beneficial?

Thanks everyone who replied for your stories and advise, keep them coming!
Oh, gosh.
I have a pretty irrantional fear of driving, or to be specific, of being in any sort of wreck.

I was in a wreck once when I was seven, because a tree branch had obscured a stop sign, we were hit on the very rear of the car and it ended up totaled - luckily, no one was injured. But since then, wrecks have shaken me up more than most of anything.

Then, this past August while in Dallas, we were trying to navigate to our hotel, and someone (we're not sure if it was us or them) ran a stoplight and our truck hit a car directly on driver's door. The truck was totalled and the windsheild shattered. Moments earlier I had just buckled in - and was told that I didn't have to because of some stupid law in texas about how you don't have to buckle in in the backseat. If I hadn't of told the other people in the car that I was going to buckle in anyway, I would have gone through the windsheild. (I was in the middle seat) The other lady couldn't get through her door, but was fine besides a cut on her hand.

But yeah, I understand how jarring it can be to even *almost* be in an accident, not to mention actually be in one. I'm just now getting to where I'm okay with driving again. The only advice I've ever found paticuarly useful is something my dad has repeated to me over and over through the course of him giving me lessons: "Always, always, always don't assume that just because you have a clear head about what you're doing and how you're driving - watch everyone on the road around you. Some of the worst wrecks are cause by people who assume the everyone else on the road is as observative as they are before pulling out of the drive way, ect. watch for them, and watch for yourself, and you'll be fine."
I have horrifying driving experiences daily throughout the summer as I ride a motorcycle. The most recent (it's gotten too cold as of late, we've got snow here) was when passing a logging truck (big massive things those are, I'm in the U.S. so just picture the largest lorry you can) he decided to merge while I was still next to him. I approached him from an acceptable distance and I could see the driver in his mirrors so he should have seen me at SOME point, but didn't. I had to slide between the logging truck and another fairly large vehicle pulling a trailer on the other side of me.

But like I said, I ride a motorcycle and it's typical that drivers don't see me. I've had people pull out in front of me too many times to count.

As far as my car goes:

I was driving about 3 seconds (you learn 2 seconds is minimum in driving school) behind an SUV, but I couldn't quite see around them AND they had tinted windows. We were at about 50mph and they slammed on their brakes and swerved off of the road. Keep in mind they could see everything in front of them, had they been looking... They were on a cell phone. There was a line of construction about a mile long, yet they were going 50 mph. So they swerve off the road to expose me to a massive line of stopped cars. I hit my brakes as hard as I could without locking the tires (I don't have anti-lock) and was about 6 inches from the car in front of me. Had the SUV not swerved off of the road I would have sandwiched them. That was the day I almost started smoking again.

Did I mention I hate SUVs? When I'm not driving my tiny Audi I'm driving my tiny motorcycle and I can NEVER see ANYTHING ahead of the vehicle in front of me no matter how far back I am. I belong on roads that don't have massive American vehicles sad.gif.

That sounds scary. Glad no one was seriously injured. I will take into account your dads advise and everyone elses thanks.

I have not had the courage yet to drive again. My dad tells me the dent fixed itself and was pushed out itself, so I am happy about that! But there is still some paint work damage! I am planning to drive daylight hours on Sunday, to my class with p plates and mum besides me!

Have a good day everyone!
Oh dear that sounds real bad EvilSpoon.

Thanks for the much needed reminder to drivers to really watch out for motercyclists/bikers. My instrcutor always use to bang on about it! But you sharing your experience with me I reckon will help me remember this important tip more.

Come to London then! Just joking! rolleyes.gif
I haven't been involved in any collisions with other vehicles, or had any other major incidents... yet... my fingers are eternally crossed (mentally of course, as that otherwise would make driving unsafe). I've had a couple of scrapes though.

A month after I got my first car, I reversed it down a wide driveway to park, and managed to scrape the wheel arch on a fence post. My only excuse was that the low, winter sun was too bright in my mirrors, so I couldn't quite well enough. Of course, if i couldn't see properly, I should have been more careful, or parked in a different way. Oh well.

Aside from that, I've had a couple of close calls with other traffic. MOST of the time, it has been the other person's fault, but there's been some where I know I was in the wrong. Fortunately, nothing occurred, and I breathed a sigh of relief that I learnt a valuable lesson the easy way, and not the hard way.

Worst of all though, is that I've had a couple of driving experiences where I have been so tired that I'd drifted off for a split second. It is scary... and STUPID. Fortunately, I didn't hit anything, nor were any others drivers potentially involved. But it is a frightening experience, and one that I now make sure I 100% avoid. Whether it's caffeine boosts, sugar rushes (Haribo?), or just a little nap somewhere convenient, I keep sleep at bay when I am going to be driving. I've known a couple of people who've had bad accidents due to falling asleep at the wheel. I don't want to join them.
Thanks Hobbes for posting, to many of my posts! Great news, keep the safe driving up!

According to my dad the dent fixed itself today-pushed itself out! So its just a bit of paint work damage- still bad this car has not been with us too long! I will not be getting my own car and better be moree careful not to damage family car.

Yeah I had a couple of close calls with traffic whilst learning, especially one time I thought I was pretty lucky to be not injured, no damage to the car and alive!

Oh my god that is scary sleeping at the wheel, make sure you never drive when your tired..have a power nap wherever you are if you feel tired. I am glad you try to avoid that.

Again thanks for your replies and valuable input and advise! biggrin.gif
Lurker in the Park
QUOTE (Miss-Smiley @ Dec 1 2009, 02:24 AM) *
True my examiner last Monday ended with saying be careful every 1/5 new drivers has an accident don't be a statistic!

Doing my best cynical Brit, 100% of new drivers will have an accident of some kind, it's just that most of them are of the one car, overdid it and hit something at 20mph variety, so noone gets hurt.

That said, I've had two fairly impressive ones.

1) Was doing 60 down an unlit back road I didn't know, next thing I saw was a 90 degree bend. Slammed the brakes on and hit the roots of a tree than someone had run over the week before. The car needed a new bumper, new grille and I only just avoided putting a hole in the radiator.

2) Ran into the back of someone on a straight bit of road in the middle of the day. To this day I don't know why he just stopped, but I wasn't quick enough with the steering. That one wrote the (different) car off. Managed to bend the shell as well, so mind early 90's French cars, they didn't build them out of girders smile.gif

Both of those were probably a contact speed of about 15-20 mph.

My main piece of advice is get back on the horse. It's bloody terrifying when you do have an accident, but think about what happened, learn from your mistake and get back in the car once it's back from the garage. Also, putting a little money aside every payday for this sort of thing never hurts, remember, the insurance companies are NOT your friend, so do what you have to thats sensible, but avoid claiming if at all possible. Btw, I don't mean drive with no insurance, or just third party. I've got fully comp cause my car is worth it and as a minimum get TPFT cause if some little wotsit nicks your car then that probably is a good point to claim.
Last November (2008) I went round a corner too quickly when it was dark, foggy, late and night and I was tired and span and flipped my car into a ditch. I didn't even roll the car just started fishtailing and then as it went sideways down the road the tires caught and I flip 360 (if not more) into a ditch. Luckily I landed the right way up but couldn't get out of the car. 2 fire engines, 2 police cars and 2 ambulances later and I was cut out of my car by the roof and put on a spinal board to my local hospital. This was all exactly a week after my brother died and I was dumped by my boyfriend. It was 11.33 at night and I was very frightened. Luckily I walked free although I have had back problems ever since.

Moral of the story - don't drive when you're suffering from extreme emotional and physical tiredness. This was during such a hard time in my life and I was so bad that I was convinced everyone would think I'd done it on purpose.

I have one word for you...lucky. All the emergency services said I was lucky to be alive never mind walk away from an accident like this.

Despite have the motherload of poop dumped on me for some time someone, likely my brother and mother, were looking down on me and said 'it's not your time'.

I have a photo of what's left of my car which I'll post soon smile.gif
QUOTE (Pixiegoth @ Dec 15 2009, 03:31 PM) *
Moral of the story - don't drive when you're suffering from extreme emotional and physical tiredness. This was during such a hard time in my life and I was so bad that I was convinced everyone would think I'd done it on purpose.

That is good advice. I've seen a lot of people suffer mishaps whilst driving (although nothing as serious as your spin/flip) because of an emotional overload - usually because they are driving away from an argument. I think everybody's driving style is affected by their mood, no matter how small a change in their manner it might be.

There have been a few times when I've driven whilst... emotionally full... and whilst I haven't had any incidents, I think the risk would have been much higher - on at least two occasions I'm surprised there's not been at least a prang.


On a different note... several months ago, I managed to dent the side of a transit van, all the way from wheel arch to wheel arch, whilst edging between two bollards. The gap was large enough for the vehicle, and I had my head out the window checking the driver's side, but I made the mistake of relying on my passenger to be doing the same. It was about three quarters of the way through that he finally said, "You are a bit too tight here". Too tight meant that, from that day, the side door no longer opened.

The rule here is: only ever rely on the driver (i.e. you). One person I used to give a regular lift to would always call "clear" as we approached a junction, letting me know that nothing was coming from his side. I fortunately ignored it every time and checked anyway, because twice it certainly wasn't "clear".
Thanks so much Lurker for sharing and your advise. You have all helped me feel better and help gain some confidence back.

Your right I drove the week I posted this I had the incident posted on Monday and drove Sunday that week with p plates on and my mum, it was pretty well. It was not 100% perfect, one car over took- maybe I was a little slow on the humpy roads and stopping at one set of traffic lights I rolled back for a second or 2 but not long and I was quick to secure the car. The rest went ok! I just need to keep going at it, then it will be come naturally! Your right the most important thing is to learn from your mistake.

The drove was alright! The bad thing is I have not driven since. I really need to drive more to improve and so I can feel confident to drive indepdently! Now its snowing, but melting away! The thing is my household is full of drivers so I don't feel the need most the times, but sometimes it would be nice when the car is free to drive to friends and places!

I don't work so can't really save, but should get a part time job. Oh the car never went to the garage my dad like you don't like to claim or get it fixed unless it really has too! My dad sells insurance but hes got third party only on the car argh comprehensive would be better in a way but I think this works out cheaper. I don't know much about insurance. Is TPTT a type of insurance? I should learn about car insurance from my dad haha!
Thanks for sharing Pixiegoth. I am sorry to hear about your brother, the accident and that this has caused back problems:(.

That is an awesome moral. I have experienced that when I was emotionally upset- this reflected in my driving lessons and thoese lessons went terrible and sometimes even dangerous.

Okie post the picture if you would like honey!

Much huggles and love xox
Hey Hobbes

I hope your well. That is really valuable advise you gave too thanks! I have noticed too the link between emotions and driving is strong! Sometimes my mum asks me if it is 'clear' too lol but it always has been but your so right!

Thanks matey!
QUOTE (Miss-Smiley @ Dec 18 2009, 05:46 PM) *
I don't know much about insurance. Is TPTT a type of insurance?

TPFT is a type of insurance: Third-Party, Fire & Theft. It covers your own vehicle only if it is stolen, or set alight, but it covers all damage to another driver's vehicle in case of a collision. In the UK, at least, TPFT is the minimum legal requirement for insurance that every driver must have.
I have photo's which I may sort out later.

I've never been the cause of a accident, I have however been in a few.

The thing that .... erm... scared... me about the accidents was the fact that I wasn't responsible. The last one I was in for instance....

A kid just passed his test doing about ~80 on a wet road (built up area, 30 speed limit) went round a corner lost it and fishtailed it into me then hit another 3 cars almost hit a tree and drove off.... There is absolutely nothing I could have done except not be on that road that day.... Yet if he had hit my car a bit squarer or further back I could have been killed.

The one before that.... Driving down a straight road. A woman in a Volvo pulls out into the front of me. accelerating all the way into me. She hadn't seen me and was trying to beat a petrol tanker coming the other way.
Lurker in the Park
QUOTE (Hobbes @ Dec 20 2009, 12:11 PM) *
In the UK, at least, TPFT is the minimum legal requirement for insurance that every driver must have.

Actually third party is the legal minimum, it's just damned hard to get hold of and usually costs more than TPFT, cause they assume you've got something to hide.

This is assuming they haven't changed the rules since the last time I looked.
QUOTE (Lurker in the Dark @ Jan 14 2010, 10:06 PM) *
QUOTE (Hobbes @ Dec 20 2009, 12:11 PM) *
In the UK, at least, TPFT is the minimum legal requirement for insurance that every driver must have.

Actually third party is the legal minimum, it's just damned hard to get hold of and usually costs more than TPFT, cause they assume you've got something to hide.

This is assuming they haven't changed the rules since the last time I looked.

No no, you are right. I forgot you could just get TP. I've heard recently that some people have found that their premiums have actually been lower for being fully comp, rather than just third-party. And this is, like you say, because of individuals taking out the cheaper insurance just for the purpose of fraud later on (i.e. setting fire to their own vehicles). I'm not entirely sure how widespread this is though, but I personally know at least two people that have had cheaper quotes for fully comprehensive cover.
I skid and spun out on a snowy road earlier this month. I forgot to steer into the skid and swerved around for a while :X thankfully I didn't hit a guardrail and no one was coming, but I was TERRIFIED. My friend was also in the car, so I was even more scared - it's one thing to get myself in trouble, but someone else is different...
Thanks Lurfer and Hobbes.
Phew glad you and your friend are ok gothic.I have yet to drive in the snow! Normally on Sunday I drive 2 my class now! Well I only done that for 2 Sundays but I only drive one way. My mum is saying to me to take the car tomorrow by myself to and from my class. I am a bit nervous but I am actually thinking I should do this! It is about time! This is silly I am yet to be driving indepdently. What was the use of all those lessons, hard work (took me ages to learn) and determination! My mum probably cannot go with me as my dads in hospital so will want to go in the morning right away. It is hassle going by public transport so early! So should I go by car? I should of been driving around more so gain the practice so I would of gained the confidence I need by now!
Thanks everyone for replying! biggrin.gif
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