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Full Version: London 20th December confirmations
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Lurker in the Park
It's a quiet Sunday evening so I figured I'd kick this one off.

Offline I'm usually called: Rob
Number of people coming so far: 1
I'll be arriving: 1 ish
I'll be leaving: I live here
I'm up for meeting during the afternoon: Yes
18 or over?: Yeah, well clear
I'm up for going for an evening meal somewhere: Yep
I'm up for going to a pub in the evening: Pubs are good
I'm up for going to a club in the evening: Poss, rather have a cheap one.
Staying the night?: In my own bed
Accommodation has been arranged?: Yup, about 9 months ago smile.gif
Can offer accommodation to others?: Probably not, due to not wanting to freak out flatmate's gf.
Cath Sparrow
Erm... what else are flatmate gf's for? tongue.gif
Since a few people have to travel and it's on a Sunday, this is mostly a "meet in the pub for the afternoon, lunch (perhaps dinner), a few pints into the evening, then toddle off home" sort of meet - just thought I'd clarify that smile.gif

Offline I'm usually called: Mata
Number of people coming so far: 2
I'll be arriving: 1 ish
I'll be leaving: Around 10:30-11ish at the latest, depending on how far we go from Victoria/Marble Arch (and how pissed I feel after getting to a pub at 1pm)
I'm up for meeting during the afternoon: That's the idea smile.gif
18 or over?: I continue to be so, despite attempts to prove otherwise.
I'm up for going for an evening meal somewhere: Yep
I'm up for going to a pub in the evening: Pubs are good
I'm up for going to a club in the evening: Nope, it's a school night.
Staying the night?: Nope, heading back to Oxfordia.
Accommodation has been arranged?: Not needed.
Can offer accommodation to others?: Only if they want to come to Oxford... So probably not unless it's really useful to someone.

Pixie has said she's coming, but she's out of the country at the moment, so she'll add herself on here when she gets back smile.gif
Offline I'm usually called: Froggzilla
Number of people coming so far: 3
I'll be arriving: How about you guys do your things and I give youa call when I am in the vicinity?
I'll be leaving: Whenever it starts to wind down.
I'm up for meeting during the afternoon: yup
18 or over?: yup
I'm up for going for an evening meal somewhere: nope
I'm up for going to a pub in the evening: yup
I'm up for going to a club in the evening: nope
Staying the night?: yup
Accommodation has been arranged?: yup
Can offer accommodation to others?: nope
So, where do people suggest? The closer to Victoria, the easier for me (if no-one else has any strong preferences about where to go). Somewhere reasonably quiet-ish and not too expensive..?
Offline I'm usually called: Sam or Pixie
Number of people coming so far: 4
I'll be arriving: Either half 12 or half 1pm to Liverpool Street and then half an hour to Victoria - would personally prefer somewhere central as I am coming from East London and don't want to schlep all the way over to West.
I'll be leaving: Not sure when yet. Will check last train times. If going home to Burnham it'll be 9pm ish but if going to stay at friends probably slightly later.
I'm up for meeting during the afternoon: Yes
18 or over?: Yes
I'm up for going for an evening meal somewhere: Yes
I'm up for going to a pub in the evening: Yes
I'm up for going to a club in the evening: No
Staying the night?: No
Accommodation has been arranged?: No need.
Can offer accommodation to others?: No

OK cool smile.gif

Mata can I suggest we find somewhere fairly central so that we can all get there easily irrespective on where we are coming from? unsure.gif
Hey Lurker - you're probably the best guide to London we've got coming along. Where would you suggest?
Aw, a shame, I would like to make it but won't be in London this weekend. Have fun though! Has any meet been to the science/natural history musuem yet? They're free and fun if you guys are short for ideas. Have fun whatever you do though!
Lurker in the Park
It worries me that I'm the best guide and yet I can't keep myself entertained for a weekend smile.gif

Ok, pub wise theres Sam Smith's all over the middle of town, the orginal suggestion was the Champion I believe, that's just off Oxford St. Otherwise there's at least one in Soho, the Jon Snow.

Museum row (science, nat. history, V&A) is always a good bet if it's a bit miserable, although looking at the weather forecast I'm going to throw in snowballs and snowmen in Regents Park. I was going to suggest the Cartoon museum, but it costs for entry.

And that's me out. for all further suggestions wink.gif

First things first - what's a good central meeting point? The best bet would probably be a pub, and one right next to a tube station, to have lunch in before heading to more adventurous schemes.
Surprise f'ing surprise I'm sick again. It's not as bad as last 2 times so I'm gonna rest and relax tonight, tomorrow and Saturday and see how I feel. So sorry to let you all down AGAIN after organising/arranging yet another meet date! sad.gif

Am SO sick of feeling poorly now. Doc suggested a variety of things but may need more tests to rule out things like inflamatory bowel disease and such like.
I remember you were ill for the very first Winchester meet I went to as well, Pixie. Have you actually made it to a meet at all yet? Hope you feel better soon smile.gif
grr arg radio show on Sunday so can't come along - first after a fortnight off so can't swan off ohmy.gif(
Lurker in the Park
That's no excuse Smiler, I'm gonna have to be late cause I said I'd do a pre-Christmas dinner for me, the flatmate and the flatmate's gf. Should be around by about 3 hopefully.

Pixie, I send hugs.

In terms of central pubs, I'd recommend the Champion as it's just off Oxford Circus. Also, it's just down the road from the goth pub (same chain as the one in Nottingham) although I can't remember what thats called. It's also near the Green King pub we went to for the last(?) London meet.
Umm, could someone let me know their mobile number pls?
PM'ed. It's the same as it has been for several years smile.gif

Pixie: aw poop! I really hope you feel well enough for Sunday. *hugs*
Aw get well soon Pixie all the best with tests results!

Enjoy the rest of you! Post some pictures up.
Okay, so Lurker will be running late, Froggie has said she'll be along at some point, that leaves me and Pixie... Pixie, keep me posted on how you're doing, otherwise we might as well call a raincheck again!
Sir Psycho Sexy
I'm going to have to play it by ear, the snow around here is playing hob with the trains, it maybe all clear by tomorrow, unless we get another light dusting.
I still plan to be there but it really does depend on how I feel tomorrow when I wake up. I have to take each day as it comes. Getting stressed isn't really helping me but I tend to thrive on stress so a whole lifestyle change is in the offing which is REALLY difficult. Anyhoo, as I said to Mata I'd let him know as soon as I was up and ready...or not...we'll see...fingers crossed smile.gif
Lurker in the Park
I will now be there on time, we did the big Christmas meal tonight instead. Incidentally, I think I ate too much... +o(
So far it's all go for me too smile.gif See you at 1pm (ish)!
Go go go!
QUOTE (Mata @ Dec 20 2009, 09:55 AM) *
Go go go!


Don't get too excited...knowing my luck recently the trains won't be running even after being told they are dry.gif

See you later...3rd time lucky maybe smile.gif
Erm, Where at 1pm please?
Lurker in the Park
The Champion just off Oxford Circus I believe. All details and a few reviews.
QUOTE (Lurker in the Dark @ Dec 20 2009, 10:40 AM) *
The Champion just off Oxford Circus I believe.

Cheers. Assuming you get this before you leave, Lurker, I've never met you before so may not realise I'm stood or sat right next to you laugh.gif You know what I look like...see pic opp smile.gif Assuming I don't get their late which is looking likely as the train's stopping at EVERY station dry.gif
I'm on the coach on the way home now. It was a really good day and lovely to see you all again. Sam, we probably should write that book!
Sir Psycho Sexy
Home now! Did I win the race?
Lurker in the Park
Nah, I was in by about 9. Very good day, looking forward to the book smile.gif

That is all.
I think I got back about 10:15. Damn it was cold out there!
I had a fantastic time biggrin.gif Thanks guys! Mata, I will definitely do that book! Drop me a line to discuss smile.gif

I got home about 11pm despite leaving for the 8.15pm. I caught that train but it was held up so I missed my connection at Wickford and had to wait 40 minutes for the next one. Luckily the train was just sitting there so I didn't get frostbite and loose a toe or two! biggrin.gif

Also I had the most random experience which I'll post about in a sec....
I met a Christian called Becky who at 1st I thought was a total nutter but I figured I had nothing to lose and we had a very interesting conversation. She didn't convert me, she wasn't trying, but it was nice to hear how happy she is with "God" and her life. It gave me a real sense of peace and happiness. I explained that what she calls God I call something like the universe. Anyhoo, it was cool and altho I got home about 1.5hrs later than planned I was happy smile.gif
Very annoyed that I missed yesterday but Ashbless should be able to corroborate (if she wasn't still half asleep) that I played some awesome tunes in a Matazonian spirit just for you guys:
Barenaked Ladies - The Elfs Lament (all about an elfs struggle for equal rights) & Weird Al Yankovic - The Night Santa Went Crazy (I like to think of this as the response to the first).
Oo, those sound like good choices. Smiler, I'm sure we'll sort out a nigth out with you and missus in the new year.

Sam: it's good to hear that you had some interesting company for the journey. smile.gif
Random there's not danger with this stranger conversation are awesomes XD
Photos are up on Facebook,

also available here:

Here's my top pick:

Loving that photo smile.gif We all look very happy...maybe it was the rum...or the company? Rum! laugh.gif

What's the plan for new year then?! laugh.gif
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