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Full Version: What's your personal ringtone?
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I was messing about on my phone yesterday and I finally got around to actually personalizing the ringers for my speed dial. But then I got this neat idea to try. I'm making everyone pick their ringer. Instead of choosing a song or sound that I think will remind me of them, I'm allowing them to decide what I hear when they call. Of course, I immediately thought about you folks.

So! If you could pick one song or tone to permanently represent you whenever you called someone, what would it be?
Imperial March. Nuff said.

*edit* But some awesome really heavy metal version. (Not Metallica's cover, heavier than that, with more emphasis on the "DAA DAA DAA DA DA DA, DAA DA DA, DA DA DA, DA DA DAAA, DA DA DAAA. Kind of like this: )
Stayin' Alive by The Bee Gees.


Fuel by Metallica.
Theme tune from Planet Unicorn.
Ringtone Option Number Nine on my phone. I think it's called "Fiesta"--you can imagine the wonderful, tinny mariachi-ness all on your own, I trust.
I'd have ...

Ohgr - Pore
On my phone I only have the need for one ringtone, which is one of the tracks from the we ♥ katamari soundtrack. My other idea was to set it to the sound of a dial up modem for AWESOME NOSTALGIA points, but I don't have an mp3 of that and can't be bothered to find one so I'm sticking with katamari for now.

As for representing myself on other phones, that's a bit more tricky as if its musical, and also good, there is a risk of them just letting it ring instead of talking to me. As a solution to this problem, I think I'd insist on recording myself saying something like PICK UP THE PHONE PLEASE in a stupid voice.
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