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Full Version: The Chatroulette Experiment
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Er...okay, not really for science, but it should be interesting. I just signed on to Chat Roulette for the first time just to see what the fuss was about. Turn out, it was about Penii. Lots of Penii.

So here's the game:

1) Have a webcam or Microphone.
2) Connect to Chatroulette
3) Report your findings!

How many people did you talk to?
Where were most of them from?
Mostly Male, or Female?
How many tried to Cyber with you?
If female, did they try to see your boobs? (The answer is always yes. Always.)
Did you meet anyone worthwhile?

I talked to twenty or so different people, only one of which was female. Three out of the remaining 19ish tried to hit on me. Two didn't speak English. All three of the creeps were from France. Two of them were over the age of 40, most of them were around 20.
After asking, most people averaged seeing about 4 Penii during their Chatroulette experience.
I met one cool person from Ontario, and we discussed the TV show Hoarders and discovered we were both there just to see why everyone was talking about Chatroulette so much.

To protect what was left of my (semi) delicate mind, I ended up drawing a cartoon pair of breasts to show to creepy french men when they asked. I then disconnected.

What was your Chatroulette experience?
this is unsafe....

But seriously, nonexistent.
I've only done it once, and we did it with a whole bunch of people at once (there were like 7 of us crowded around the screen). Lots of penises, lots of creepy people, but that's usual. As far as interesting parts goes:

One boy who was Chinese singled out my Chinese friend and started typing in Chinese. He seemed excited that he had someone to talk to in Chinese.
A boy who could NOT be older than ten, and looked about seven, in a Batman shirt, said the following: "Tits for haiti". This was hilarious and confusing. He later added "flash your bra" as a compromise. (all but one of us were female)
And then, we found a guy who was packing to go to Afghanistan, which was really sad and heartwarming at the same time. We talked to him for a long time, found out that we were in Massachusetts and he was from Boston, and so on. His chat stopped working after a while so we held up handwritten stuff to say goodbye. But he was a very nice guy (cute too!) We all hope he stays safe.

Those are my experiences - I do NOT plan on chatrouletting by myself, but in the future with one other person or so, sure. It's really interesting, even if it's full of penis.
The best chat roulette experience:

Awesome chatroulette experience
Actually will give chat roulette a go now, I am burned out on animation work, will try it now and report what happens to the forum (and the penis count).
Reporting! *salutes* Well apparently people don't like taking to people that are not very attractive males. Not a single conversation with anyone, though I did see a 0.5 second glimpse of boobs.. and many many penises.

Report done!
in what f**king world are you unattractive?
Chatroullete, from my experience, is about 97% straight males. So to a straight dude...

Witless, you just weren't lucky enough to get a tasteful lay-day.

also, my interesting experience of the day was when Chatroullete breifly connected me to myself. I'm not too interesting.
QUOTE (syuu @ Mar 30 2010, 09:19 PM) *
in what f**king world are you unattractive?

I was wondering that myself...

I saw chatroulette on Tosh.O and that was enough to make me go blink.gif
QUOTE (syuu @ Mar 31 2010, 05:19 AM) *
in what f**king world are you unattractive?

I was going to second this notion, but it seems Lo has beaten me to the punch.

Chatroulette doesn't really interest me, possibly because I've never been big on both gambling and looking at men's genitalia. I can see it being fun to do with a bit of forward planning, like the piano player guy, or as a four-in-the-morning, we're all off-our-tits drunk party game-ish kind of thing, though. Going into it alone, it doesn't seem like a terribly great risk/reward scenario for myself. I do enjoy hearing about other people's experiences of it, though; I get the interesting stuff, with merely a reminder that penii were encountered along the way. A bit like football highlights, but interesting tongue.gif
QUOTE (Witless @ Mar 31 2010, 02:45 AM) *
The best chat roulette experience:

Awesome chatroulette experience

Thank you for sharing this! I have been rewatching this, and the sequel, repeatedly for the last few minutes. He's my hero!
ooooh! I didn't know there was a sequel. biggrin.gif Imma go watch that now.
So I tried chatroulette for the first time last night. The only ones who didn't immediately disconnect when they saw me were the guys who were jacking off. It didn't go so well.
Sir Psycho Sexy
Penny Arcade has an answer for everything!

chatroulette seems to be a place where men go so that they can view underage tits. that aside,:
QUOTE (syuu @ Apr 15 2010, 12:15 AM) *
chatroulette seems to be a place where men go so that they can view underage tits. that aside,:

Hate Gaga but...that made my day.
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