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Yes, we already have a 'today in IRC topic', I know - this in in daft for a reason, though.
Remember those days of yore with the whole crew having in-depth R-rated chats while occasionally playing uno, as though it were some kind of seedy east London pub? Or something? Lets do that again.
Once I have my new computer up and running, I plan on installing a fresh, worm free version of iRC and waiting on all this. I'm looking at you, shredda, becky, spoonophile. The rest of you are pretty good at showing up every once in a while wink.gif
On the random occasions I drift back to IRC it's always dead; maybe now that it's not a regular thing it might make sense to set up an IRC "meet", with a date and time, see if it might entice folk back? I too miss the randomly explicit ramblings of late night IRC chat. Ah, for the days of the werebuggerer...
Alright, what about..Friday at 8PM GMT?
I won't be able to make that. My house is being invaded, and in-laws don't usually mesh with IRC (well, save one, but she's not the one who is invading).

I do miss talking on IRC with all of you lovely people, though. I don't even own the channel anymore, *sniff*.
I can manage Fridyah, but I can manage other times as well to accommodate other folk; no reason we can't set several times, I just thought that if folk had a general idea of when people were gonna be there we could get a better turn out?
I'm just going to start hanging out in IRC in the evenings again to be honest.
I like Witless' plan. biggrin.gif

I tend to keep IRC open many evenings, and then lurk like hell in most cases. >_> Also so the channel doesn't expire.
I've been trying to connect to iRC for the past hour and a half and all of my servers are failing.

That is all of the ones on the link that I posted in the "Today in IRC" thread a while back...
mooooooooooopo should work. smile.gif
Cath Sparrow
Well I managed to actually remeber how to make it in there
Lurker in the Park
Any chance someone can bung step by step instructions on here? Last time I used IRC was in Uni and that was just for those random Q&A rooms.
QUOTE (Lurker in the Dark @ Apr 1 2010, 10:32 PM) *
Any chance someone can bung step by step instructions on here? Last time I used IRC was in Uni and that was just for those random Q&A rooms.

Here is a linky to how to connect. There are other servers, but that one is pretty reliable. It's the Otherside Network, if you want to have a look for the other servers that you can connect with.
Industrial Kybosh
Well, there was no-one there when I checked tonight. Pffft...
whut? we're all here now
Industrial Kybosh
Still #burrito, right?
indeed, server is
Cath Sparrow
There's a load of us in there
Yeah, still #burrito. Do you have the right server? Try

Edit: Argh! Tara beat me to it. Curse my needing to ask moop what server I was using. dry.gif
Industrial Kybosh
Comp f@cked. All sorted. Uno!!!
Blah, wish this week wasn't so busy with school stuff because I was having a blast being in there recently.
I just got a headache from looking at the instructions... blink.gif
open irc, type /server when the prompt comes up, type burrito. biggrin.gif
yes, doublepost, but GASP. i see so many on mz and so few in irc!
ahh, what do i care, i have to teach in a half hour. tongue.gif
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