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Full Version: Mini meet perhaps?
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Cath Sparrow
This is kind of short notice but I thought I'd see if anyone was interested.

For the next couple of weeks I have the house to myself and was wondering if anyone fancied a having a mini meet either this comming weekend (17th/18th) or next (24th/25th). I can offer floor space and a couple of bed's. So if anyone fancies a trip to Chester or Liverpool and a stay in the middle of nowhere.
Matt and I will be in Liverpool the weekend of the 24th visiting his Dad. If anyone is around and fancies meeting up!
I'd love to but I'm utterly skint. I'm not even sure if I can afford to go to London this weekend, let alone Liverpool. Sorry!
Candice and I are definitely up for it. smile.gif

The 24th/25th is definitely best for us. Some floor space would be appreciated if possible.
Lurker in the Park
Could do the 24th/25th. Mata, if you reckon you can stomach some petrol money I can pick you pu on the way. In fact, the more Londoners the merrier (up to a maximum of 4) cause then the petrol is cheaper.
I'm at a wedding that weekend. Sorry!
Cath Sparrow
Well we've got a yes Cand, moop and cheese moose (for the day only).
Maybe on Snoo, Paul and Lurker.
Lurker in the Park
I can only do it if I've got at least a couple of people to share petrol costs with I'm afraid. I can offer leather lined, air-conditioned luxury however and I'll be doing all the driving so it's a pretty good deal.
Woohoo, we shall be purchasing our train tickets tonight. Would have done so yesterday, but moop was all sniffly and I was worried he'd caught the cold I had a few days ago. Looks like it was just allergies, though, so yay. Well, not yay that he was miserable, but you know what I mean.

Will let you know what time we'll be getting in, Cath. biggrin.gif
Cath Sparrow
Bum sad.gif I'm busy that weekend but I'm up North the following weekend so just missed out again sad.gif
Cath Sparrow
This was last month I'm afraid. sorry. *hugs*
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