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Usually people have or do one thing that makes them feel amazing. Whether it's going to a special spot, taking a long bath, or going out with the guys (or girls), there's something - so, what's yours?

This all came about because I was thinking about how tomorrow I'm going to wash my hair. It's unhealthy for your hair to clean it every day (the surfactants in shampoo can be extremely harsh on your skin, especially if you live in one of the most humidity-free regions on the planet) and I usually go every other day or so. I'm also a huge fan of morning showers, as bizarre as that is..well, only bizarre because of my level of enthusiasm for showers. So..I'm basically really, really looking forward to waking up tomorrow and scrubbing down, shampoo'ing the crap out of my hair, deep conditioning, drying off, and dousing my skin in lotion.

and this stuff is so oh dear god delicious:

and oh baby,

and you betchaaaa

Another thing is any time we hit up my favorite restaurant. That place is better than a good night's sleep by about a thousand - atmosphere, sexy asian waitresses, sake, the best food that I ever have and ever will's muy bueno. Or more appropriately, subarashi. :P

Have to make this quick, but showers in the dark, long car rides at night (so precious few of those lately =/), biking in the rain when it's hot out, Monster, sushi, Asian food in general, this awesome stuff my mom does with salmon so it ends up in a yellow sauce and a bunch of veggies, hard math homework (..math kinda sucks right now. I could have done last night's homework, but graphing is just annoying), shaking my hair when I think it's messy (probably more of a bad habit than anything), sleeping with the radio on, sleeping nekkid, taking photos in the Apple store, and being at the beach with all the cool people.
I don't think I have things like rituals I rely on to make me happy. Well, apart from having to talk to Wytu on the phone before I go to bed, regardless of what the time is (he puts up with a lot, that one)- but that's more to stop me from freaking out and thinking something's wrong with him. Going to the lighthouse with a friend of mine is the closest thing, I think. When I'm down, or she is, we suggest to one another to go. Hop into her car, get some Ben and Jerry's and sit in the warm warm car, watching the waves crash onto the rocks and the seagulls trying to fly without getting anywhere. Sometimes we talk about what makes us sadfaced at the time, but usually eating a fatteningly huge amount of icecream each, and knowing the other one is there is enough.
Haha, after saying I don't think I have any, I can now think of a bunch. Another one is hair removal! Having a long bath, shaving, plucking my eyebrows and then moisturising makes me feel centred and ready for the world.
Flowers make me very very happy, but people rarely give them to me. I sometimes buy them for myself, but it's usually too much of a luxury.
Aaaand lastly (for this post, anyway) if I have something important going on or I just feel a bit fragile that day, I will wear matching underwear. Not for anyone's benefit but more because it makes me feel good happy.gif
On my way into college, I have to buy a glass bottle of coke, maybe a sandwich from subway. I must take photos of random things.

I have boring rituals...
The hangover ritual is as follows:

2 pints of water (not too cold--that way puking lies) and some painkillers on an empty stomach, bad TV and scribbling until the coffee's ready. Eye the coffee. If I can't drink it, I smell it. If I've got class, I wear sunglasses and listen to my iPod on shuffle on the way there. I don't look at song titles or artist names. Get some food. If I can't eat it, I stare at it. Drink more water. Repeat until hangover is gone. Then, start drinking (but this time with enough food and water to avoid a hangover the next day).
Wake up, pee. I start my days off with breakfast. I can't skip it. It's not always the same thing, but the most frequent is 1 egg scrambled cooked on cast iron. I do not break it up, I leave it in one eggy sheet. Whole grain toast, a banana, an apple, orange juice, glass of water and either tea or coffee. Before I leave the house I definitely pee again due to the liquids I consume, but I like to be sure I'm hydrated.

I also am a fan of morning showers. I rarely wash my hair, once a week is as frequently as I do usually. When I do wash my hair I wake up an HOUR early just to get to work on time, and I love it.

Upon entering my car I immediately push the cigarette lighter, even if I don't have any cigarettes. If I realize I'm out then I end up having an irritated drive and crank my music to take my mind off of the fact that I'm a nicotine fiend.

I have more. I'm pretty sure I'm a little OCD because some of them are just really... Pointless... blink.gif
My daily schedule is as follows: Wake up at 5 am, wash my hands (I don't think I can turn on a sink and not wash my hands. I hate when it feels like the water hit them the wrong way and I have to do it again), brush my teeth, take a leak, wash my hands again, get dressed, give the hair a comb attempt and a shake, eat some food (usually cereal, oatmeal, or some fruit) while browsing the internet, get in the car with some hot chocolate or tea and wait for the school bus, get on the bus and either sleep or listen to my iPod for the next hour.

On Thursdays I must buy a fruit smoothie at school. It used to be from the girl with the dreads, but she removed them (=( ), and now it's from whichever line is shortest.

If I stay after school, unless it's Thursday, I order Chinese.

I always try to sit in the middle whenever I'm with friends.

Swinging always seems to calm me. So does taking walks or biking. Usually with music.

I sleep with the radio on.

Oh, high-hiving Jordin during bio whenever anything remotely cool happens. We discovered a few days ago that we give each other the *perfect* high-fives. I don't even know how to explain it. It's the kind where the noise is awesome and you're left with this ticklish tingling feeling. The type you wish you were a part of when you're observing it.

Throwing my socks off. This is totally unconscious, I just never seem to be able to keep socks on unless I'm wearing shoes. =/

Oh, and this isn't anything I've ever noticed about myself, but one of my friends made a comment about it the other day. Apparently whenever I walk into English, I'm either singing a song and air-rocking out or I make a comment about something.
when hangovers occur, i immediately crave anything greasy, melty, and cheesy. like a disgusting cheeseburger or a p'zone. besides that, i struggle not to vomit.
i also have to serum my hair and flat iron it as soon as its dry, because i don't use hair dryers. :B

ALSO, when i worked at starbucks, payday was sushi day. i always picked up some takeout from sushi fever (two california rolls, sunomono, a joe's special, possibly a candy roll, and miso soup), shared, and fell into the best food coma ever. the only thing better than this was the day where i had all that and also purchased an adorable runt baby kitten who eventually grew (though not much) into mouse. mmm, sushi.
I've probably posted this somewhere before, but sometime in the future I want to work at Starbucks, a sushi restaurant, and a Chinese restaurant for like a month each. Just to learn how to make all the yummy stuff. <3

Kendo rolls and this kind that come with caviar and an awesome orange = the best. Eel is pretty delicious.

*edit* A Monster factory might be cool, but that's probably a closet chem lab I won't want to have.
the joe's special is this eel, avocado, and i think spicy tuna roll with this tangy sauce. so delish.
My productive day officially ends when I have tea and a rich tea biscuit. I'll probably go to bed about 40min after that. When I make said tea, I have to take out everything before the kettle boils, and bite a tiny bit from the biscuit. And I have to be holding the handle of the kettle when it stops boiling.

When I first wake up I have to have special K in a mug. I genuinely look forward to the morning to eat this. It's so yummy. mmmmm. However, if it's a school morning, then I usually wake up so early and don't spend enough time in the house to eat, because I always get to school extra early for breakfast with a friend, where I will always eat natural yogurt with some granola and dried papaya. I just love breakfast.
QUOTE (Yannick @ Apr 15 2010, 02:42 AM) *
I've probably posted this somewhere before, but sometime in the future I want to work at Starbucks, a sushi restaurant, and a Chinese restaurant for like a month each. Just to learn how to make all the yummy stuff. <3

There are better places to work than Starbucks if you want to learn how to make coffee. Although I guess if you want to make Starbucks Coffee™...

I work very hard at not having morning or general routines. I find it too easy to slip into doing silly OCD things that take over my life.
Also if you work at Starbucks you'll learn that most of the yummy comes out of a big creepy syrup bottle, half corn syrup, half chemical "flavouring". Wah-waaaaaaaaah.
Ya... Barnie's Coffee is so very much better than SB ever will be...
I'll quit the second I learn how to make a caramel frapp. <3
When I need to feel better my ritual is usually (or at least used to be)

find a CD I know really well
take this CD and put it into my car stereo
drive somewhere, anywhere, usually semi far away
while driving sing at the top of my lungs
drive until I feel better
turn around and come home

Unfortunately with gas prices + lack of money, this ritual doesn't happen as often.
Mostly last year, my best friend and I had a ritual of getting ice cream, then driving as far as we can while listening to music too loudly and ranting. Honestly, I never had one of those "roadtrips" that didn't end with me in a significantly happier mood.

I'm certainly a creature of habit, though. I've got rituals that I've been doing since I was a little kid, no joke. I just find comfort in little, routine things. (though, I should note that that doesn't, by any means, mean that I'm not a fan of change.)
I wake up, put my clothes for the day on, make a pot of coffee, smoke a cigarette while it's brewing, and then go to my room and turn on my straightener (Syuu, I hate blow-drying my hair too, and opt for the straightening+serum route, too) so it can warm up...then I get coffee. I sip the coffee as I straighten my hair/ do my makeup (Always do the concealer first, then the eyes) and if I get done early I bring my cup into the kitchen and drink some more.
Beyond that, my days aren't too horribly structured. But my morning routine MUST be followed or I feel really weird for the rest of the day. I remember when I last went down to Dallas to see my Man, I ended up buying a mini can of Folger's so I could have my morning coffee. It was that important.

Most of my habits are good things, though they may come off as a bit odd if I'm not at home/ somewhere I'm familiar with.
I always turn the lights off when I leave the room, I double and triple check all locks before I go to bed, and check all electrical things too. When smoking I ash after every three drags, and when I sit down at the computer my first instinct is the plug my phone in to charge.

Anyway, that got a little off topic. Rituals that make me feel better...hmm. Bubble baths. I am a bubble-bath lovin' motha-F**ker. We've got this pretty big whirlpool tub upstairs and it is just heaven to bring my speakers up there and spend a good hour or so scrubbing and pampering myself. I also like trying on different combinations of clothes when i feel bad, or doing my makeup in a new way. Sometimes I'll make a pot of coffee. (Even if I don't want coffee. Just the smell makes me feel better.)
Hmmm. I think that about covers it?
frappuccinos are either coffee or cream base, shoved into a blender, mixed with caramel syrup, and blended. pour into a cup, top with whipped cream, drizzle caramel sauce, voila.
i don't think you can buy the coffee base, but you could probably steal a bunch before you were fired.
Can you make the coffee/cream base, or is it one of those pre-frozen things? Because "Oh noes! I dropped all the coffee base stuffs! How do I make more?! The customers! The customers! THINK OF THE CUSTOMERS!!!" could work. >_>

Or I could just experiment with coffee flavors and freeze them until I get it right.
it's never frozen, but it comes either in a box, or we have to mix it. it's..i think..a gallon of milk, a packet of the powder coffee base, and some..water? something like that.
coffee in the morning is not so much a ritual as it is an addiction now...
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