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Full Version: Funny Misunderstandings
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I'm absentmindedly watching a Larry King interview with Seth MacFarlane. I totally thought Larry just said "We'll have moron Sarah Palin when we get back from the break." Me: Hahahahaha, he's calling her a moron right before interviewing her?

..Apparently that was more on. Meh.
i think this was partially a misunderstanding:

^--- the spelling alone is funny biggrin.gif
I removed the one friend reluctantly only because her typing style entertained me so much. I usually have no idea what she was ever talking about.
I have one friend on Facebook who seems to load a shotgun with punctuation and fire it at the screen. I really have no idea what she's on about, but I've seen her friends' posts and they are similarly obscure. Frankly I've got no idea at all how they actually communicate with each other - surely between the broken writing styles all meaning must be completely lost? Perhaps language has broken down so that all they need to do is grunt at each other and that is enough?
^ The devolution of language?
You should be grateful for your punctuation! My nan regularly sends me emails without any punctuation in them at all... ph34r.gif
Punctuation is important! Decipher this without it: James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher. tongue.gif
QUOTE (CarefulMarshmallowHiddenDragon @ May 24 2010, 07:15 PM) *
You should be grateful for your punctuation! My nan regularly sends me emails without any punctuation in them at all... ph34r.gif

There does appear to be a certain generation - up there in the "older" percentiles - that will fight for proper spelling and semantics, and yet will happily send an email THT READSLIKE THIS1!
This entertained me earlier, and I remembered this thread. ..My math class is special. It's a competition class, which involves a lot of ignoring the teacher, playing Pokemon on our calculators, and talking. Highlight of my day.<3

This is completely situational humor. If you're not amused, my sincere apologies, but at least I'll have it written down as a memory.

Julian: Will proofs be on the test?
Mr. Dalal: Yes. (No one heard this, aside from Julian.)
John: Wooah, what did he say?
Prakash: That he forgot to put proofs on the test.
Class: *cheers*
Mr. Dalal: No, I didn't..
Elizabeth: It's obvious from your face you did.
Anita: Yeah, and it's too late to change the test.
Mr. Dalal: Guys I-
Me: Yeah, you already printed them, you can't kill more trees.
Nick: Eugh, do we have to prove Heron's formula?
Jonh: Dude, shut up, he can still rewrite the test.
Anita: No he can't, he already printed it!
Mr. Dalal: *facepalms and starts laughing*
Class: ..What?
Mr. Dalal: You guys... I said I put proofs on the test, then you said I forgot to, you called me a liar, you said I can't change it, and you said I already printed it. None of that is true.
Class: Oh.. *laughs*
Nick: So.. seriously.. Heron's formula..
John: Stfu, he hasn't finished writing the test.
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