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Full Version: How to handle this situation
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Several of my close friends apparently do not know to spell "would've". Where do I hide the bodies?
Mr Fuzzy
Don't. Proudly display them next to your door as a warning to others.
Cath Sparrow
Yeh some people have tree lined path way to their door. You could have a corpes lined path way. Just think of the detterant it would be to door to door sales people.
Make a picket fence with their ribs and tell people you're getting a head start on Halloween decorations.

One grammar mistake that's been bugging me lately is incorrect abbreviation of 'is' and 'are'.

I'd like to think that there're many things wrong with writing 'There's many things wrong', but it's just the one thing, and it annoys me.
Then and than. Drives me crazy when people mix them up.
QUOTE (Mata @ May 30 2010, 02:20 PM) *
I'd like to think that there're many things wrong with writing 'There's many things wrong', but it's just the one thing, and it annoys me.


I'm fairly sure 'there're' isn't an official contraction. And so, giving over to such informality of language might allow a bit of leniency on the whole plural/singular front?

Although, ultimately, I do agree with you smile.gif
Stuff like this only becomes an issue when you write it down. In speech, it's more than likely that you use both contractions without noticing but thanks to texting/ facebook/ e-mail/ actually having to write to people, you notice them.

Blah blah blah linguistics guff.
(I blame Wytu.)
Thanks for the tips guys!

I'm cool with unofficial contractions, all I ask is that you don't change random words to 'of'! Also, knowing the difference between there, there, they're.

Facebook fills me with rage right now. I wish I had the freedom to leave, but all my friends are part of the cult and would probably never speak to me to again if I did. ph34r.gif
Students that write "would of" in their English essays get rude comments written by me and lines saying "would have... would've. Should have... should've" to write out twenty times. I know this probably isn't the "official way" to treat this sort of problem but if stopped I will announce that any other form of correctional activity short of corporal punishment is against my religion!

Grrr. There are many grammatical errors I can cope with. This one however, is the epitome of ignorance in my opinion!
^I would laugh so hard if one of them begin writing "kind have.."
QUOTE (CarefulMarshmallowHiddenDragon @ May 31 2010, 12:01 PM) *
Also, knowing the difference between there, there, they're.

I'm fine with the last one being different, but I have to admit that those first two give me trouble wink.gif
You know, as I was writing that I thought to myself "I'd better be careful here, if I make a mistake in this post I'll look really stupid". Then I made myself look really stupid.

In my defence, I only said knowing the difference, not actually using the right one tongue.gif
Mr Fuzzy
Ah, but are they different from each other or different to each other? wink.gif
Woah... you win fuzzy!!
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