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So I found this amazing video of scenes from Vampire Hunter D timed to the song "If I Only Were A Goth" by ThouShaltNot... and it got me to wondering...

What would I be if I only were...? And what would I do?

So, here goes... If you only were something else, what would it be and what would you do?
Jeddddiiiiiiiiiii. Go wreak havoc in the galaxy with Darth InKy in our ship the Heart of Gold, chilling with Zaphod and using our mad lightsaber skillz to freak out all the pirates. Umm. Yes. That is the life I want.
I would be a ferret. And I would steal things and sleep all day.
Cath Sparrow
Oi! No freaking out the pirates! tongue.gif

I think I'd be a neko steampunk pirate. Hey I'm being what I want to be which just happens to mix a few things together and damn it who would want a cat tail! Isail round the sky in a air ship causeing havoc. tongue.gif
If I were a supermodel, I would go out of my way to eat huge fast-food meals in front of the paparatzi.

If I were a celebrity, I would "accidentally" cuss on public TV shows all the time.

If I were a hipster, I would grow a silly mustache and ride my bike (Basket stocked full of PBR) around Williamsburg.

If I were a famous artist, I would sell every painting for a million-trillion dollars. And then, when I think I'm going to die soon, I'd come out with the worst possible painting I could, knowing that it would only be valuable because it was the last painting I did.
Edit: And I'd write in my will that all of the million-trillion-billions of dollars that came from it be used to build the most awesome playground ever.
If I were a physicist, after inventing the functioning lightsaber all those before me failed to do, I would learn how to channel gravity (The Force = gravity, Newton just named it wrong) through Force Gloves I'll invent, which would be sort of like putting black holes on your hands. However, you can control (with your mind, via installed censors) the amount of gravity being used, so instead of pulling that entire building toward yourself, you're grabbing your lightsaber or the remote or something. I'll also invent anti-gravity. Instead of a pull, it's a push. This will empower you to do moves like the force jump or force choke, and possibly flyyyyy.

^ This is actually going to happen. Give it seven years, guys. Seven years.
In an infinite number of alternate universes, I am a Pokémon trainer. Or a ninja.
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