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Full Version: MataFest 2010
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Lurker in the Park
Just thought I'd bung this in now so there's somewhere for everyone to add links to photos and stuff.

Throughly enjoyed it, haven't been that drunk in ages, haven't eaten that much protein in ages (mmm, meat + fire = good). Inky, you are a DJ par excellence. Not sure I'm going to be much use for about the next two days until I've caught up on sleep.

See you at next years one (bigger, better, impossible to be drunker).
I smell bad, but that was an awesome time. We must do that again next year. I'll be more organised about inviting people next time!
Cath Sparrow
We all smelled bad.

Yeh had a brilliant time and was really good seeing people I'd not seen in a while. Here's my pic's not many though.!/;id=649700524
Pretty river and moon! I've said it a billion times, but, jealous.
Mr Fuzzy
Here you go, a selection of dodgy photos.
So gutted I missed this but I'd just got back from Germany, needed to see my Dad as promised in Suffolk on the Sunday and then off to Coventry. Hanging a quick detour through Oxford woulda just been too much and made me poorly again no doubt from excessive running around smile.gif I will be at the next one smile.gif

Does this mean though that as Mata is in Holland that we can't have meets here anymore?!? ohmy.gif
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