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Full Version: Candillis' Avatar
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Some of you may have noticed that our friend Cand has a new avatar. She does that sometimes.

But what is so noteworthy about this avatar, you say? Is it another trampoline jumping elephant, is it her dressed as a pirate, is it Vic reacting to her nipple? Surely, you wonder, could it really be that bad? Yes. It is that bad. So bad, in fact, her avatar should be banned in the interest of everyone's safety.

Exhibit A:

This avatar depicts a kitten - a small, fuzzy, universally adorable creature snuggling into something soft and yawning. Harmless, right?


That's the kind of thinking that makes you vulnerable.

You're typing up a paper for work, let's say, and you happen to scroll past Cand's avatar. You stop. You cock your head to the side and smile and you think to yourself, 'aww'. It's precious, right? So precious that suddenly, you've seen it loop thousands of times, you're late for work, and your boss fires you!

You're driving down the road. You recall the adorable squirming, toothless infant cat, you smile and think to yourself, 'aww'. Suddenly you've swerved and killed an old lady!

Such is the danger of Cand's avatar. I move to strike it from all of Matazone. This is about safety.
Pssh, because watching your avatar on loop trying to figure out whether or not she's nekkid isn't distracting? tongue.gif

The kitty avatar is adorable. If it were played on TV screens around the world 24/7, crime rates would drop exponentially. Everyone knows a murderer's weakness is adorable kittens.
She's not naked. And I support anything that's not me.
It's all part of my scheme for world domination. tongue.gif

Err, I mean...forget I said that. Quick, look at my icon! @_@ isn't it fuzzy and cute? @_@
I see yours, and I raise you mine.
A thread about cute kittehs! About flippin' time, if you ask me. I got me a kitten a little while ago and, whilst she's a fair bit bigger now (I forgot how quick they grow) she's still utterly adorable and does daft stuff which makes me go "awwwwwww cuuuuuuute!!!" in a stupid voice.

Although I have to say, syuucake, I did spend rather too long trying to work out the nudity level of your avatar.
Cath Sparrow
I raise you paddle cat.
Mr Fuzzy
I fear the flailing rex!
QUOTE (Cath @ Aug 6 2010, 05:31 PM) *
I raise you paddle cat.

That isn't cute, it's terrifying. ohmy.gif
I raise you Wendy Williams. biggrin.gif

Also paddle cat is totally cute.
Cath Sparrow
Paddle cat is indeed cute it when he gets out of the bath that he's terrifying!

Blem blem blem blem blem blem blem
You all made me do this.

Well, let me get in on this.
Cath Sparrow
Vic it's not working sad.gif
the flailing rex is cutest. that, and my non-conformist britney icon. <3
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