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Full Version: I'm still alive!
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Yes, I'm not dead, I'm just very very very busy with my new job in Holland.

So far everything is pretty darn awesome - the people I work with are very nice, the university itself seems well equipped, the town is beautiful, the clubs are fun, the beer is very good, and my new flat (that I picked online from photographs) is not only very nice but also extremely well located in a nice area.

Mostly I keep looking over my shoulder and wondering when it's all going to explode or if I'm about to wake up and the last twelve months will have been a dream. I had a distinctly odd feeling a couple of days ago - I was standing on the balcony, eating my breakfast as the sun shone down on the lovely gardens out the back of my flats, and it all seemed incredibly unreal... Can this really be my life?

I start lecturing on Monday, so we'll see if I'm still so in love with it all after that! biggrin.gif

Anyway *waves* hello!

In other news, I've also come up with an idea for this year's Halloween story. I'm going to try and make it an animation but it might have to be an audio short story if I don't have enough time.
*clicks like*

Oh wait.. crap, this isn't facebook.

Anyways, that is awesome news, I am happy for you! I think we should start organising a matameet in Holland for summer next year. That's enough planning and saving time right? RIGHT?

I also have good news, I am working in a TV post production company in central London and they recently offered me a contract so I am staying aboard as a digital artist (and coffee maker extraordinaire). It's pretty cool and varied and I get to work on projects people have actually heard of (bonjovi music video anyone?)

Anyways.. not high jacking thread to talk about my own stuff... lalala...

How many scars on your arm from repeatedly pinching yourself to see if you wake up?
Huzzah for everyone! biggrin.gif

That's as deep as I'm getting! I've very happy for both of you!

most people here know i just passed my exams for cosmetology and mailed in for my license. sushi dinners are soon to follow. i'm also a bridesmaid for a best friend i've known since i was six, and it's my first time ever being one. she's in town today and we sat at a coffee shop for a while reading wedding magazines and agreeing on dresses. it was really nice! tomorrow, i'm going to accompany her to her fitting. all in all, life is good except for a few small snags. glad everyone else is happy too!
Ooo, good news all around... Witless - that's awesome news, congrats! Syuu - I missed that bit of news the first time, so congrats to you too biggrin.gif

So come on everyone, what else is cool in your life?
I passed third year, qualified for my degree and am going on to start fourth year in a few short weeks. It's Tarantio, BSc. now, biotches!
That is awesome, I am happy for everybody!

Elph life update is that I just got back from a WWOOF stint beekeeping in Franceland, and now I am happy and comfortable with French while acknowledging that I am incredibly anglophone. It's nice to realize and appreciate my home language and its FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND WORDS. And I'm starting third year, and it looks like I might finally get into the program I've been applying to for two years. It was a tricky, wonderful summer full of hard, amazing things and I feel a lot stronger/better/faster for it. Now it will be relatively easy to take over the world, I think.
Life is pretty good. A few niggles but I really shouldn't complain and yes i KNOW that's not like me dry.gif


Anyways glad you're doing well my dear. You are missed smile.gif
Really pleased to hear of your joy and success, Dr Haggis! It is, of course, well deserved and I think I can speak for everyone in saying that we are all very proud of you. smile.gif
Both Matt and I passed our driving tests. we are now happily fighting over driving rights. I have a plan to get him to drink a small amount of alcohol everytime we want to go out so I have to drive. Is it bad that I want to cause my husband to be permenatly drunk?
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