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Full Version: Mat(zo)aball Soup
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Most of you have those horrible obnoxious accounts, right? Well, this is me slapping you in the face.

As one of my challenge-related threads, I shall be making the broken down version of ghetto-fied soup, and you guessed it, it's the best kind. Anyway, visit here daily for whatever terrors I unearth during my unending, unemployed plundering of the internet. For starters,

That's right, we're just getting warmed up. You, too, can feel free to join and add anything interesting you find! Abandon your soup. It's from concentrate.

^the original funny facebook picture lady

(never before seen - until it was released today - images of Marilyn Monroe.)
Why is obnoxious? You make the baby Christoph* cry sad.gif

*co-founder of
It was a joke.
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