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We don't celebrate it here in Canada.
Yes, yes, shocking I know.

Wanted to wish all those who do a fun night.
Yay! Thanks! smile.gif

Although, I'm not actually attending any firework spectaculars this year. There's a small local one this evening, but I feel too tired and a little under-the-weather to bother going. Chances are, the big one in town is tomorrow, but again I think I am giving it a miss.

Regardless, I hope other oooh'n'aaah-ers enjoy the displays!

Hoooray for the prevention of attempted parliamentary explosions!
QUOTE (Play-Doh Hobbes @ Nov 5 2010, 06:08 PM) *
Hoooray for the attempted parliamentary explosions!

Fixed wink.gif

I am mustering all the energy I have to climb the hill down the road with friends, and eat my bodyweight in snacks whilst watching fireworks go off across the city. Hot chocolate and double chocolate cookies are go! I love bonfire night happy.gif
gonna burn a thing, somewhere. don't worry, Great Britain. I won't let you down.

Happy fifth!
Derby's big fireworks display is on Sunday, and we'll probably drag ourselves to it. I've only been to one Bonfire Night event since I moved here, and I have yet to see an effigy being burned. I was all excited for it the first year, but we got there too late. This must be rectified.
You white people had a what now? Sorry, was busy with Diwali, you shouldn't have put it at the same time as that.
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