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Hi all smile.gif

I shall be playing my violin in a concert on 4th December at St Ann's Church in Limehouse.

We're playing Promenade from Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, a Brahms Piano Intermezzo that's been adapted for our ensemble and Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg....badly laugh.gif

See here for more info

If anyone would like to go let me know. It's free. I can't guarantee we'll sound any good but I'm leading the 2nds and I'm quite proud of this and I don't have anyone coming to see me from my family so I thought I'd ask my mates smile.gif
Wow I am very close (cutty sark's my nearest), and am intrigued to hear a Brahms intermezzo for orchestra! Sadly I'm busy that day. sad.gif

Good luck though!! smile.gif
Lurker in the Park
Is that a start time of 5:45? Or the final rehersal? I'm confuzzed, but have the day free.
Rehearsal is at 5.45pm and start time is 7pm but we won't be on until about half way through the concert. Some of the ensembles playing will sound like school orchestras....hopefully not it might not be everyone's cup of tea but it's usually a good night with drinks, etc afterwards smile.gif
Is that the one next to the Town Hall? I won't be there (snowed in up North) but will pass the event along to friends in the area.
Waiting to hear today if it's actually going to go ahead sad.gif Due to the crappy weather conditions and tutors and players being stuck (including me!) it may not happen. I will try my darndest to get to London tomorrow but not sure it'll happen yet. The trains are running sporadically today so I might just go down there at lunch time and see what the situation is smile.gif I will of course keep you'll posted either on here or through Lurker smile.gif
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