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Oni Usagi
I love birds. Growing up we had a cockatiel. He wasn't the friendliest or most talkative guy in the world but he'd sit nicely on your shoulder or let you pet his head. Later, from my teen years until recently, we had a a number of parakeets(budgies). During this time, most recently at Thanksgiving, I was surprised at all the people I knew, including most of my mother's family, that not only didn't care for them but were in fact quite afraid of them. Some were afraid, even of the little parakeets, to the point that they would cover their heads or faces with their arms and cry out to get it away, put it away.

My question to you is this: What are your feelings on (pet) birds? The fear, with the exception of birds of prey, is a bit of a mystery to me, possibly due to being exposed at a young age. Is it that they're flying, possibly at you? Is it the beaks? Do you suspect or know them to up to something far more sinister?

On the other side (HA!) of the spectrum: Do you have a bird/birds? What kind(s)? Do they say or do anything particularly interesting?

Is that enough interjections for everyone?

P.S. Topic created so NYER tongue.gif
My feelings on pet birds are no different to my feelings about pets of any kind, so I chose the bottom option. I really really dislike animals and why anyone would choose to have one of any type in their house is a mystery to me.
^ I see four possible reasons:
1: Guide dogs or miniature assassins
2: because they are fluffy
3: low risk practice for taking care of humans
4: for the company and affection they give*

However, birds are horrible creatures who will stab you in the back any chance they get. Therefore they are a completely irrational choice of pet. I wouldn't be surprised if this entire thread was propaganda paid for by pro-bird fascists.

*This is not a valid reason due to the unreliability of animals. I had a pet daddy long legs spider and it ran away from home, breaking my heart. Never again.
I'm not a huge fan of birds and they also do not like me. I'm ok with them if I'm inside the house looking out at them (during the day) or if I'm outside and they are there and stay away from me that's ok too.

There are a few things that happened to me growing up that have made me really dislike birds. My family decided that the kids were making a lot of noise so we all got locked outside to play. Outside there was a psycho rooster though, and it chased us and tormented us and we weren't allowed back into the house for what seemed like forever (because the adults thought we were playing a game)

My area has one of the largest crow areas in the country as well, and crows are mean. When we would walk to school as children, the crows would drop walnuts on our heads so it was always fun in the winter trying to avoid the bombs.

Of course I've also had geese and occasionally ducks chase me when we were supposed to be doing something fun like feeding them bread.

I also had really really wanted a parakeet when I was a kid because I thought they were pretty, but then I spent the night at a friends house and her parakeet was let of of its cage and attacked me by flying at my head and pecking at me. I'm just through with them.

They also kind of smell and they make a lot of noise.
Well, Oni, I chose the top option. I don't HAVE birds at the moment, but I've had them in the past. And, at work, I am surrounded by pet birds (amongst other animals) so there was little chance of me choosing any other option smile.gif

About five years ago, I had an aviary containing the following birds: canaries, diamond doves, tree sparrows, white-naped yuhinas (gorgeous!), and I think possibly a couple of others. Unfortunately, circumstances demanded that I live elsewhere, and I haven't had any pets since. But, I'm not exactly devoid of animals in my day-to-day life biggrin.gif
I love just about anything humans keep as pets (and then some, since moths are included) - I love pigs, love spiders, love rats and mice and especially especially ferrets, love dogs, cats, love snakes; if it has eyeballs and can move, I'll probably fall in love with it. Birds are no exception. They're adorable and friendly and seem to want nothing more in life than to have some food, some water, and a nice shoulder to be all :3 on.

Was afraid of them as a leeeettle kid, though, but got really excited when my friend's would sit on my shoulder because I felt all special.

My feelings on pet birds are no different to my feelings about pets of any kind, so I chose the bottom option. I really really dislike animals and why anyone would choose to have one of any type in their house is a mystery to me.

NO. SOUL. (jk.)
I will never be able to live without pets - we've had at least one of some variety since I was born, and I must constantly have something to nurture/love/to go like this :3 at me. I think we've all heard about ponzu/poohbear and his ears/eyeball. I still think he's the cutest creature on the planet and love him with all my heart. (the same goes for ponyo/the other one, but he's hilariously problem-free and happy to just run on a wheel all day)
I voted 'Love but don't own'. I like birds of most varieties and would probably keep them if we had space. Their shifty little looks constantly amuse me.

I have a soft spot for owls though keeping them as pets seems inhumane (and they'd hock up bits of mouse everywhere). They seem to have become a fad creature recently, at least in terms of owl related items. I was there first, honest.
Haven't ever had one. I do like them though and think they are cute. I think my only problem would be with the noise, although I'm sure it varies by bird or by species of bird how noisy they are. Probably not any noisier than dogs, which we've always had at home, at any rate. I had a friend with pet birds and I liked them smile.gif
I've always had pet cats that fancied themselves hunters. So a pet bird isn't so good an idea.

I feed the birds though. I've a feeder set up outside the livingroom window. A hummingbird told me off the one day after investigating the suet block. Apparently I'd put out the wrong food and it was trying to set me straight.

I've no fear of birds. Mainly I've been let alone. One poor fellow I dated in university didn't have the same luck. There was this one group of crows that had it in for him. They'd attack on sight. Never knew why as he hadn't provoked them that I knew about.
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