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Full Version: Merry Crimble!
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Merry Christmas everyone. Laura's managed to cut herself a little bit while cutting the food (nothing serious at all) so we get a bit of cannibalism, which is spot on for the time of year - blood and snow, human sacrifice to make sure that the winter gods are appeased. All in all, it's the true meaning of Christmas. Huzzah!
Cath Sparrow
Merry Crimble to you both and to all the other reprobates and delinquents who lurk round the forum. *hugs*
Mr Fuzzy
I do hope everybody is eating and drinking everything not nailed down!
Merry xmas all smile.gif
A very merry Christmas to one and all
Merry Christmas and stuff!

I had a nice chilled out Christmas with some great food and I got some cool gifts. I hope everyone had as nice of a day as I did.
Happy Christmas everybody, I hope it was really nice! Mine has been full of Miazaki, wine and seafood. biggrin.gif
Happy holibags, folks!

I haven't stopped eating since I got home to my mum's on wednesday. Yay!
Best of the holiday to everybody.

Santa made off with my voice at Christmas but has since brought it back. It's a little funny sounding though so maybe it deformed while in transit?
The next day I had a loverly day with friends who've all but adopted me as family. biggrin.gif
Belated Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had an excellent one. smile.gif
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