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Full Version: New Year, New Things
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So because it feels like it's linked to Matazone...
I broke up with Wytu last Saturday. We'd both realised that we hadn't been trying very hard to make things work, although came to different conclusions about what that meant- for me it was to break up, for him it was to try harder. We're still amiable, and the last four years haven't been for nothing, but I really feel that the relationship had come to its natural end.
I'm not expecting a slew of *hugs!* or "Aww, it's ok"s (in fact, I think I would prefer not to have them >_>) but feel free to message or text if you have any questions. Haha, it's like an interview...

Apart from that, my wrist isn't as painful as it was when I first fractured it! Yay! And... err... I have my cats living with me in Scotland now happy.gif

The new year feels like it's bringing exciting things and lots of change! Daria with silver hair, anyone?

How about you guys? What does the new year bring for you?
I got a nice new shirt, and my psychic powers seem to have returned.

That's not as cool as it sounds, btw. Well, the shirt is, it's a white formal shirt from next with thin black trim on the collar and cuffs and black buttons, with a matching black tie with white reverse, and it makes me look pretty awesome. The psychic powers are pretty rubbish though.
The New Year brought me some nice freedom, an emotional kick in the pants that I sorely needed. Ain't got no hair any more (but the two aren't linearly related!)

And if all goes according to plan, tomorrow the New Year will bring me plane tickets to Scotland and Spain! Wahoo!
The new year brought me the first week off that actually felt relaxing in about four years. For a while I had very little to do for several days in a row and it was awesome. I greatly look forward to the experience again in the future (except I'm pretty sure that next time I'm going to utterly fill those days with writing and editing).

Other than that, there's th continual interest of starting a new year in this now-slightly-less-new country. This will be my first full year living abroad and it still hits me sometimes 'I live in Holland!'. I think I'm going to make a bit more of an effort to get out and meet new Dutch friends because most of the people I know and socialise with are all ex-pats.
Cath Sparrow
Well so far this year seems to be starting off fairly possative.
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