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Full Version: Geordie Shore
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apparently I fail at links.

I'm not sure how familiar with Jersey Shore everyone is. It's a "reality" show that plays off of stereotypes of people from New Jersey and throws them all in a house together. There's already been one spin-off, or at least attempted spin-off, because it was supposed to be about Boston and I remember people around where I live fussing about it.

I've actually seen some of Jersey Shore and I assume it is just like any other big brother-type reality show. Most people I know either regard it as awful or a guilty pleasure.

What's your reaction to this, on either side of the pond? I just kind of laughed, but sadly. I know a lot of shows have had "American" or "British" versions, but this one really takes the cake of absurdity. And other adjectives I am working on coming up with.
Lurker in the Park
I believe the UK version is The Only Way Is Essex. As I'm currently residing in said county, I'll refrain from passing comment.
Yeah, I think this is yet another one. I think it would be an opportunity to talk about interesting differences in culture, but it ends up just being a stereotype-fest. Oh well, reality tv...
Sir Psycho Sexy
If it doesn't have Jimmy Nail, I'm not interested.
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