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Full Version: Wisdom Teefses?
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those of you in iRC have already heard me crying about it, but..
I'm getting my wisdom teeth out next Tuesday and am a little worried about the general anesthesia etc. Any stories on what happened when you got yours out? Positive mantras? And Mata, if you're reading this thread, you worked some magic with my 2006 what-to-picture-in-the-way-of-positive-thinking airplane crisis, so feel free to write another one. ;)

Thanks, guys~
I just remember when they were putting me under some colorful dots came down from the ceiling and were talking to me. I think in reality it was the oral surgeon talking to me, but boy howdy it was fun thinking that the dots were talking to me.
Whenever they took mine out...well, they put me under so I don't remember the actual process. I actually don't remember anything until we were about ten minutes away from the house and I finally woke up from my gas-induced coma.

The pain isn't any worse than a typical toothache. It's actually pretty managable, and I was back to my everyday routine in about three days with no pain at all - just weird holes where my teef used to be.

I really actually enjoyed getting them out - as Lolo mentioned,you can have some pretty trippy/fun experiences while under the influence of the laughing gas/ pain meds. And you get to eat lots of icecream. As long as you follow the directions for post-surgery (don't use a straw, don't mess with the stiches, ect.) then you should be golden.

Something that may help if you're still nervous - Some of the best stories I've heard come from people's experiences while getting their wisdom teeth out. Generally, they're hilarious and I know that the few things i remember through the haze of pain meds are actually things I look back on fondly. Getting oral surgery itself might not be so awesome, but let yourself enjoy being legally drugged up for a day or so - and of course, the icecream. You must enjoy the icecream.
Ice Cream AND Milkshakes! A two for tuesday that you will not want to give up!

Oh and don't worry if your teeth disappear and never are seen again... I swear I won't acquire them to make syuu clones....
Now that I think of it, I never did see my teeth after they took them out....

Oh my god...what if there's a Chelsey clone out there?
I'll never tell....

Though I have been curious, do you have a birthmark on your left ankle or did I just leave Chelsey Mk. II in that first tank too long?
I've only had one taken out. Just one. They did it in the office without having to cut it out. Just gassed me silly, shot my mouth, and yanked the sucker out. I ended up laughing at my dentist because he was having such a hard time getting it out. He enjoyed that.
Chels, you're bipolar too - one of my biggest worries is that messing up the way I handle anesthesia. Most drugs like that hit me in a really weird way and I don't want to panic, so, did you feel any?

also, LOL vic. I can picture you chuckling maniacally as your dentist feverishly clutches at the back of your gums.
QUOTE (SPEAKERfortheLOST @ Feb 8 2011, 09:30 PM) *
Though I have been curious, do you have a birthmark on your left ankle or did I just leave Chelsey Mk. II in that first tank too long?

Mine's more towards my left knee. The copy may have gotten a bit wonky during the translation process.

Syuu - I just told my surgeon before we started that I had anxiety issues/panic attacks, so they put me completely under to avoid any potential freak-outs or generally panicking. They'll likely ask you before about any meds/medical problems that you have, and it's exactly for that reason - if you have any problems that may cause an unpleasant experience or complications, they'll know exactly what to do. Apparently, they generally try to do it with people still awake but drugged up because it's marginally safer somehow that way. If they do put you under like they did me, they just put a little mask over your face and you breathe normally, and feel really relaxed (and, in my case, fall asleep) within minutes.

I did get a bit scared when I woke up on the way home because I was confused as to why I was in the car - to me, I had literally just been inside the dentist office. Waking up from anethesia is kinda like waking up after accidentally falling asleep somewhere strange - you're disoriented and bit confused as to how you got where you are. So long as you're with someone to explain to you what's going on (and, assuming that you're not planning on driving while drugged up, you will) then it shouldn't be a problem. smile.gif

Ahhh I got gas and a shot, well an IV. The way it was explained to me was the gas was to get me to relax, the IV was what was putting me under. They also didn't have me leave while still under, they just strapped me down to a bed until I woke up. It was a bit confusing waking up and not being able to move my arms, but they noticed I was awake, let me up and then I went home.

As an aside, if you're going to have milkshakes don't use straws, but they'll tell you that in your post op info. Best thing to do for recovery, is to make sure you follow those post op instructions. Also for some reason, yogurt helps with healing your mouth, so if you like eating yogurt stock up! I learned that with my gum surgeries (from the doc) and my oral surgeon told me I was one of the best healers he'd ever seen.
I have no wisdom left. It was all removed back in my late teens.
I remember glancing at the clock as they wheeled me into the operating room and gassed me. I then woke up in the recovery room and wondered why the clock there was obviously wrong. Time between just vanished. Pleasant enough time of it but I swallowed some blood and threw up shortly after waking up.
Felt well enough to try to go to work the next day. Big mistake. Didn't feel well enough to work after all.
Guess I looked verra pale so the boss sent me home.

It'll go fine. You'll be great. Nothing will go wrong.
They're sure to get the right teeth. jk. biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Ashbless)
...the right teeth

and the left ones too!
Good luck tomorrow darling!
i <3 jew lolo, thaaanks
Best of luck syuu! You will be fine... and possibly very receptive to suggestions...
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