Hey guys,

I'm generally not the kind to be all into community service, but this requires some action. Around 88,000 acres of land burned due to wildfires in my state yesterday, 30,000 or so of those being (almost literally) in my backyard. The fires destroyed over 50 homes, a countless number of vehicles, and killed a number of pets - including some that became trapped in a local kennel when the fire suddenly jumped across the road. Even all of that isn't including the amount of native wildlife killed by the fires, or the fact that thousands of people are without electricity right now. In short, it's completely devestating.

So why am I sharing this?

I want YOU (yes, you!) to help! Right now our local red cross chapter is in desperate need of donations of bottled water, snacks, and money. Now, since you're all quite aways away, money would be best.

Donate here: http://amarillo.redcross.org/index.php?pr=Donate

I complain about where I live like it's a hobby, but in all honesty I have a lot of love for the place. Seeing that gorgeous panhandle skyline turn from bright yellow and blue to all black is horrible by itself - I can't even begin to imagine what it's like for those who lost their homes. I know that none of you are billionares, and likely you're financially struggling just like most people. But just a few dollars can help not only with familes who've been displaced, but with wildlife restoration of the area, and animal control efforts as they try to round up the pets that were seperated from their owners during the chaos.

Even if you don't have a nickle to spare, thanks for reading this anyway.