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For those of you who don't do face book I thought I'd pop a quick announcement that Matt and I have a baby girl. Born on monday evening just shy of 3 weeks early. Alayna Fae weighed 6lb 4oz and is cute as a button.
congrats!! I am so happy for you two. love the pictures, keep them coming!
Congrats guys. Seen a couple of photos on facebook and she is indeed cute as a button.
Personally, I'd rate her as cuter than a button.
Congratulations to you both!

*edit* please post photos of the baby and a representative button so I can assess the cuteness.
I believe when I was very young I had some buttons that looked like ladybirds. They were quite cute. I think a poll is needed, possibly with a spectrum of buttons for comparative views. Perhaps, while I believe that Alayna is significantly cuter than a button, I simply need a wider range of buttons to compare her to, and that perhaps she sits actually somewhere along the button spectrum of cuteness, rather than at the very top? Such things should be investigated with SCIENCE.

Although she is very cute indeed smile.gif
Congrats! She does look like a good mixture of her mom and dad and is therefor quite cute! smile.gif
Yay congrats!

I second Mata's assertion that SCIENCE should be used to test and accurately quantificate the cuteness of the youngling.
Many, many congratulations biggrin.gif

Cath Sparrow
I still think she looked like a squeaky toy in the picture. tongue.gif
That is one theory that probably shouldn't be tested by SCIENCE biggrin.gif
Which is exactly why it should.
Congratulations biggrin.gif
Congrats! biggrin.gif Incidentally I have a fear of buttons (like nails on a blackboard to me! dry.gif) so I will say she's as cute as a fluffy unicorn?? laugh.gif
Ah, now here is a great point - not all people find buttons equally cute. Some people are positively anti-buttons. How are we to know what sort of person will be judging the relative cuteness of Alayna compared to buttons?
That's why we use statistics to analyze the results... to weed out the outliers... in this case that would be those who are positively anti-button and anti-baby... fairly simple really.
Photos will come when I actually have time to do more than hit "share" on my phone. If you wish to peruse photgraphic evidence of us spawning then please check either of our facebook accounts. We move to Bracknell tomorrow so if people would like to see live proof of cuteness then please text me for our new address. I am going to be home in the middle of nowhere without a car and a minimum half hour walk from anything during the week so if visits are wanted please let me know and I will attempt to bake cakes!
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