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Full Version: Tattoo question
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Okay, so my tattoo needs a little more work to improve the clarity of the design due to the tonal similarity between the pale areas and the green inside the hexagons. I've mocked up two options with photoshop and I would like your opinion on which looks best:

darkening the pale areas:


shading around the pale areas:

For reference, this is how it looks currently:

This really isn't the most flattering angle...
what about a combo, because the blue lines trough the hexagons make it a nice fluent touch, but the shading
makes the hexagon shape more elegant. I do like both design, and the tattoo overall.
I think the second version with the shading looks a lot better than the first mocked up version. It looks a lot more bold with more contrast. Have them throw in some black light sensitive ink while they're at it. wink.gif
option 2.
seeing your pubes was a fabulous birthday present, btw.
Cath Sparrow
I like the second version to.
I like the first one, the continuity of the lines works much better in my opinion.
I like to please, Syuu biggrin.gif
(I was hoping people wouldn't notice - I took the photo for the tattooist, who's shaved the area, but then decided to put the pics on here for your thoughts.)
I prefer the first option - darkening the pale areas. I think the second option looks a little too 'busy', and halts the flow of the swirls.
That was my thinking too, but most people seem to disagree, and now I'm rather torn. Argh! Anyone with Photoshop skills fancy making a third option?
QUOTE (Hobbesnail Boots @ Jun 16 2011, 06:11 PM) *
I prefer the first option - darkening the pale areas. I think the second option looks a little too 'busy', and halts the flow of the swirls.

^What Hobbes said. The second one makes the numbers unclear.
But the swirly pattern doesn't look as good in the first one. The second one seems to have more contrast between the number tiles and the swirls, it looks kind of like a plant that is going to eat you. Whereas the first one the two elements just look like separate layers drawn over each other.
Laura is also very strongly on the side of the shaded version. Hmm...

Personally I'm not worried about the numbers being unclear - they're there for me rather than for the aesthetics - but I do want the swirls to retain their prominence. On the other side of things, I do think that purely in terms of visuals the shaded version does have something going for it. Double hmm.
Cath Sparrow
I personally find the the swirls still flow through on the shaded one (2nd).
I did a few rough photoshop variations for you.

First one is what Sara suggested, which is a combo of the two versions you have:

Second one darkens the vine so it looks more like it's on top, but also has the shaded green shapes:
(I would figure the blues would match better, but they kept changing on me! lol)

Third has the lighter green shapes, but the darkened vines so they look like they're on top:
(I actually like this one the best out of these options, because it makes it a little less busy)

Forth is just for fun:
(hint look at the 3 hexagons)

When it all comes down to it though, it's your tat and you're the one who has to live with it, so you need to choose what makes you feel most comfortable, not what everyone else likes best.
There's no way to get the green to go lighter - but that was the initial plan, it just didn't lighten as much as we expected! Oh well, that's life!

Thanks for the 'shops. I like the top one the most. I'll show the tattooist and see what she thinks smile.gif

My friend does have Mr Floppity tattooed on her arm (he's staring at her left boob, which is about right for him, I think).
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