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Full Version: Meet up this summer?
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Hi guys,
As you know I now have a baby girl and I was wondering whether you all felt like organising another picnic over the summer like we did a few years ago. I would love to organise a mini circus for Alayna. If you are up for it please let me know. I'd love to get as many people down as possible. London sounds brilliant as always and if people want a floor to stay on and don't mind leaving early we will be going back to Bracknell.
Date wise I was thinking around the beginning of August as Matt's birthday is the 5th. What do you think?
Ooh, we might be able to do that! I'm not completely certain, though. Argh, summer is far too busy!

Aw, wait. Dangit. I just looked up the Crawley Circus festival, and that's apparently on the 6th-7th this year, so I don't think we could do that weekend. Mid to late August would probably be better for us.
Aww that's about a month and a half too early for me. Have fun with it and take lots of pictures!
Crawley Circus fest sounds good. Maybe Matt, Alayna and I might be able to make it this year. Does anyone know if Mata is intending to return to the native land?
;;i put on my mata outfit;;

yes. i booked my tickets recently.

;;i remove it;;
Wow Syuu... You looked exactly like mata there! It was amazing. You should definitely dress that way for the meet.
YES! I'll be back for Crawley this year. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it in future years (at least, not to all of them) so this is a really good one to come along to! It would be lovely to see you. There are cheap hotels nearby if you're not sure about camping with a young one, but there are 24 hour toilets and showers available.

Tickets are 20 for the weekend but I think they'll be going up soon so book early if you fancy coming along: click on the 6th August.
thank you! tragically, the outfit doesn't travel well. i will have to dress like my plain self ;n;
Do you have a date and tickets bought for when you're coming to dear old Blighty yet?
Who else is going to Circus fest?
I am!
I'll be there.
Lurker in the Park
Yup, I'll be there too.
So, I've got my house online tonight. Will Alayna be joining us at the Crawley convention this year?
I shall be there to smile.gif
Unless you were very sneaky, I guess you didn't make it along. Shame, it would have been lovely to see you, but you are very welcome to visit in the Netherlands whenever you like. We've got a nice big room at the top of the house that could easily house a pop-up cot beside the double bed.

I've had a manic week - Breda, London, Croydon, Crawley, Croydon again, Oxford, Newbury, Croydon again, and then I'm going back to Breda tonight. I've been juggling, clubbing, tatooed, and I'll be going out to a small pub outside of Croydon tonight to see old friends. I'm knackered. I've not slept in the same bed for more than two days in a row!
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