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Full Version: Arrggg Too Many Choices
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I'm torn between a bunch of choices. Could you vote on what you think I should do? Thanks.
Although I'm partial to the pizza one, Whitney definitely takes my vote.
Pizza seems to be the overwhelmingly popular choice, but I do hear Whitney Houston is on the budget end of the market like an easily produced narcotic.
Cath Sparrow
Dragon boats or pizza both sound good but we all know what Whitneys like.
The count was still for pjs when I last checked so I've had a lovely day loafing about home. I wasn't completely lazy though - all the housework except laundry is done for the week. Laundry room is outside and down the stairs so, nope, didn't do laundry in my pjs. You're welcome neighbors. biggrin.gif
I played way too much minecraft without actually accomplishing much of anything. The castle still isn't finished, the mob trap doesn't work, and the mine is still fairly far above bedrock.
Who else is playing? What do you think of the game?

Thank you to whoever fixed my spelling error.

Why did people vote against the concert? Kaya is performing again Friday so I'll go then to cheer her on.

Thanks again for voting in this bit of sillyness. biggrin.gif
Cath Sparrow
Because were a lazy bunch of git's. tongue.gif
A night in with computer games always sounds good to me, so that was my vote. The other things were good too smile.gif

I was the one who fixed the title of the thread. Seeing 'to' when the word should be 'too' causes me a little pain.
i couldn't resist the dragonboats.

amazin. <3
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