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Full Version: The Get Well Pirate Cath thread!
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Oh no! Our resident pirate has fallen and broken her peg leg. Since not all of us can sign her cast, this is where you write a big heartfelt message about what she means to you so that all of her warm fuzzy feelings accumulate in her leg and make it better -

Dear Cathalalafandapirate,
you always make me smile! you've always been one of my favorite mzers and i've never ever seen you have a bad day, whether you're pillaging villages or plundering the high seas - your sweetness is as reliable as the sunrise and set. not having you around is very noticeable and i miss you! can you imagine any drunken mz party where we don't hear the yellings of our resident cath? i hope that you're getting lots of sweets and hugs where you are and that the drugs are delicious and your family is sending you boatloads of presents. please get well soon. <3 transatlantic squishes.

Your turn! Pour your heart out.
Get better soon cath! I hope your leg heals well and you become some super bionic woman who can leap small buildings in a single bound. Oh and parrots and stuff.
SRSLY. If you want a peg leg that bad, should asked me to bring my saw. tongue.gif

Get well soon, Cath! IRC is not the same without your snerking. sad.gif

It's probably just as well that we can't sign your cast. Imagine the things Matazonians would draw on there! I mean, really.
Hope you're up and terrorising the high seas again soon! IRC is lacking in pillaging at the moment.

I tried to send winged kittens but couldn't get it into the box. sad.gif
They called her Mrs. Cath.
Poop, that's got to be sore. Cath - you're bloody lovely, you really are, and it is so annoying that someone like you has a broken leg when there are far more deserving cases for limbs-with-new-bends around the world. I only hope that your recovery is swifter than an apus apus (the common swift) and that you're off doing wenchy things again as soon as possible. Mwah!

Cath you're a wonderful pirate person! Please heal quickly and well.

Zen Hugs.
Feel better soon! Here, I brought you some minions to do your bidding. *shoves minions in your direction* That's what I would want if I had a broken limb: servants. biggrin.gif
Hope it doesn't start itching too much (Mata's Hallowe'en animation comes to mind) and that it heals well.
Hey Cath, hope you are recovering good and that it is not to painful smile.gif take care of yourself!
Cath Sparrow
Thank you everyone sorry I didn't post here sooner still a bit off center at the moment but your wishes are very apreciated.

*huge hugs*
Tosses more hugs into the hug pile up.
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