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Full Version: Fund raising ideas and implementation?
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Hi Matazone forums! Long time no post. I'm usually in IRC.

To the point: I recently started volunteering at an exotic bird rescue ( Their previous regularly scheduled volunteer that was more or less running the place is no longer with the corporation, and doesn't come in anymore. He was 20 and just didn't have a maturity level needed for a management type position. Essentially what just happened is I'm now taking over a lot of his responsibilities and then some (or a lot, some isn't exactly accurate.) The rescue was in pretty sad shape, though not entirely his fault - we lack people volunteering.

I've boiled the lack of volunteers down to a lack of awareness and a lack of regularity and structure. I'm working on a volunteer calendar to hold people accountable for showing up. There's a lack of organization overall so those that do come in lack direction. That's being hammered out. The previous guy had months to work on that and I'm turning it around in about a week. Thirty or so volunteers have been emailed two days ago with a survey for availability, and only 3 have responded. We'll see how it goes by the end of the week. This I have under control, hopefully; however I fear we will lack active volunteers.

What I'm not seeing happen is fund raising events or regular donations. Up to this point I've come up with a handful of ideas:

Donation cans at various locations
Enact a Text-To-Give program which can be posted on bulletin boards and on donation cans
Have local businesses do a raffle for low-cost services (an hour tattoo session, a haircut, a massage, gift cards etc.)
Create a calendar from bird pictures
Get involved with after school programs to raise awareness of the rescue
Photo sessions with the birds
Bird classes for a $1-$5 donation
Bumper stickers and T-shirts available at the rescue (and have a design competition for both)

As of right now the rescue is bleeding money. Donations help, especially the people that do monthly ones (even if it's just $1), but not everybody does that.

So Matazone! I need your help with ideas for fund raising and ways to increase the amount of donations coming in.
Flyers are always a good idea, along with the ones you have listed. Any way we can send some donations your way? Good luck!
What an awesome place that is! I love birds.

You have a lot of great ideas!

The only other one I can think of right now is maybe a photo contest. Have people submit photos of their birds (in person or online), and then have a voting period where others can vote on their favorite picture. You could charge a small registration fee for entering. Plus, the word of your rescue would spread because people will also try to get friends to go on the website to vote for their bird.

Also, when you have the photo shoot, maybe offer a variety of products with their birds picture on it? They could order mugs, magnets, etc., and the items would be sent to them later.

Just an idea. Or two. Anyways, good luck with it!
QUOTE (gothictheysay @ Feb 2 2012, 09:56 PM) *
Flyers are always a good idea, along with the ones you have listed. Any way we can send some donations your way? Good luck!

There's the option to donate on their website, but that's not why I'm here. Basically I figure it'd be cool if I could get ideas bounced around on some people not involved with the rescue. Fresh perspectives. We all have ideas going like crazy, but now it's time to narrow things down and start implementing.

I just crossed text-to-give off the list. The companies that provide the service have crazy monthly fees (some in the $500+ range).
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