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Full Version: Whitney Houston
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I honestly believed I was being tricked when I heard she had died. Apparently she is really gone.

R.I.P. I listened to your music back in the day and half hoped you'd once again be heard.

Rest well. Hope in the next world you can find someone to dance with.
This is the first place I came after I read it. Funny how two wildly different things are connected.
I've editted this to include the essential poll.

... Sorry, bad taste I know, but there are many people who have ruined their lives with drugs who will go unmourned, at least she has left behind a legacy and estate that should help her daughter in the future.
Cath Sparrow
We'll just have to change the tense of our poll's in the future. Cant say I was ever a fan, in my mind she's grouped with a bunch of women singer who all sing in a style that really irritates me. But's it's a shame what she did to herself.
You're right Mata. It needed a poll to make it complete. : )
QUOTE (Ashbless @ Feb 12 2012, 08:59 PM) *
You're right Mata. It needed a poll to make it complete. : )

I used to care about Whitney Houston, but then I took an arrow to the knee.
What's 6 inches and didn't get sucked on v-day?




Whitney Houston's crack pipe.
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