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Full Version: Baby Showers?!?! A plea for advice on how to survive...
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So, I've been invited to a baby shower in a weeks time. Never been to one and I'm here to ask what I should do. How do I deal with a room of people cooing over a belly bump? What is expected of me? What should I expect of the event? How long is long enough to stay so as not to be rude, but not drain my social battery?

Steps I have taken so far (in chronological order):
1) Located hip flask that has a book shaped container
2) Responded to the RSVP
3) Posting here (syuu gave me a kick up the bum tongue.gif)

Please Matazonians, I implore you to share you survival techniques and offer any advice on etiquette and social juice depletion management.
As I told you in chat, they're horrible. Haha.

I think you just have to smile during all of the events and if they do make you guess the size of the woman, try and guess smaller than you really think. When you guess too large, they get a bit offended. >.>

I also think you're mostly just expected to stay through the present opening, unless there's cake, then you stay through the cake so you at least get something good out of it.

You should also probably buy a cheap gift. Booties usually go over well, or soft blankets. I personally enjoy giving these, but that all depends on the mother.
Get the baby a set of throwing knives. They'll appreciate the early skills when the world destroys itself over oil.

Alternatively, this:

(US link: )
Cath Sparrow
Luckily most the ones I've been to have been pretty good friends and the dont expect gooey babyness from me they just expect fear. So I tended to sit in the corner and eat cake. My experience is they have been a pretty good source of cake booze not so much. They tend to be just day time thing to not really going into the evening. I think the fav one I went to I sat round with the fear for most the afternoon and then me and one of our other friend were staying the night with the mum to be so we sat round for the rest of the evening eatting chinese and gossiping.
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