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Full Version: The Sims!
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some of you may have heard I got a new laptop for the purpose of playing the sims3.

some of you also came up with the idea of my making a Matazone family - aka I make sims based on some of you and report their shenanigans. so far vicachu, frogg, sarah, oni and mrbrick have been cast. if you want to be included, let me know. smile.gif

otherwise, i'll just report various happenings and getting up to's here.
Probably not the best, but Jake Lloyd kissing me is so up there.

What, no Izzy-Sim?

*edit* Wait. I read the "Single Best Moment of Your Life So Far" thread title, clicked this thread instead, and assumed Syuu getting a new laptop to makes Sims of us was the single best moment of her life, and posted the above. Ignore me, I'm too sleepy for the internets.
There must be a Hobbes character, suuuuuuuurely? wink.gif

I've only played the very first Sims game. I played it A LOT for obscene amounts of time. And then just suddenly stopped and haven't really been overly interested in playing the sequels. They do look pretty good though. I guess I prefer just making a house and decorating it and progressing through a job etc. rather than some of the more "silly" additions that the expansions and sequels have brought. Perhaps I should just buy a dollshouse... huh.gif
i'm the same way. i downloaded and customized the hell out of the sims 1 - i just want to try it with better graphics, i guess? smile.gif

sadly there are no poly sims, so oni's harem isn't working out.
I had to go cold turkey from the Sims 3, I was a full on addict to the first one but then never played the second one (except at Cand's) and then went into a full on downward spiral of Sims 3 addiction once it came out but it just crashes a lot and that makes me rage so I haven't played it for about 6 weeks now... *twitches*
The Sims was kinda wasted on me because I just like building houses. Actually playing through their lives I found incredibly dull, so I just built more houses.
Cath Sparrow
Can I be a sim?
i seem to have created a soap opera. three, in fact.
and of course, cath! you can be the normal pirate neighbor who finds all their shenanigans to be a waste of time.
Cath Sparrow
woohoo! biggrin.gif
So, has Izzy-Sim done anything awesome yet?
I miss the Sims! A previous boyfriend bought the Sims 3. My computer ran it fine for a long time and then one day just didn't. Siigh. Maybe when I get a new computer...
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