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Full Version: Female empowerment
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I read this article today on the tram.

Similar thoughts have crossed my mind. While I am aware of the the generalisations. I can't help but feel the, "strong, career, minded, independent woman that doesn't need a man" is a bit of a stifling trap. I'd say there are more pressures today than when women were expected to be stay at home wives. Not that I think forcing that situation was any good either.

My belief has always been that people should be allowed control over their lives, whatever that entails. Instead I sometimes think we've replaced one set of expectations with one that are stricter, but dressed it up as "empowerment" so it can be described as being positive.

I would say truly feeling in control of your life involves living the life you wish without feeling guilty for doing so. Not being successful in the way others compliment you on.

I'm not sure though. Maybe me and the articles author are reading the world around us poorly. Maybe having a great education and career lead to freedom but in a different way that people aren't recognising.

A thread started entirely from a phone. I am living in the future.
That link isn't working for me, can you repost it?
Hm.. odd. I've edited the original post and Here it is again.
There may be more and varying pressures, but I think they are less intense. Just the fact that there are mixed messages directed at women means there's less of a forceful message to do one thing or behave one way. I think the article makes good points about how all forms of media send conflicting messages, which is indeed true. And I think looking at it through a lens of female empowerment might not be exactly the right way to do it either. However, I'm still quite offended by things like this:

"This sort of advice means that young women often struggle to admit that they need a man."

Maybe she meant "need companionship" or "crave a relationship" but wow, did she say something offensive there...
Yeah, I think the last time I ever read anything in which men were described as "needing" women was the first sentence of "Pride and Prejudice".
When I was reading that, I couldn't help but think 'this sounds like women are joining the club of mixed messages that have been screwing up men for the last several decades', then at the end: ""It was an awakening for me. I was very clear that there was a boy-catastrophe unfolding. Part of what I assumed was that girls were doing fine, but about five to six years ago we started getting research and statistics coming in from around the world that girls were, in fact, the ones in trouble."

She seems to be suggesting that women are in trouble and *not* men, but it seems to me that both genders are rather screwed at the moment. We've freed ourselves from structures, but now we're wondering what to do next. It's not surprising that we feel lost when we throw away our maps.

It's hard to say if there are solutions to this, either that are coming soon or that are even possible. I don't think it's surprising that Conservative politics and religion have had a resurgence over the past decade - a reaction to a loss of direction can be that people reach for anything that seems like a certainty, even if it's just force of conviction rather than logical thought.
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