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some of you know, some of you don't, it's kind of on facebook - I'm going to massage school. in order of importance, it's to calm and center my energy so that i can more thoroughly help my clients (since i've been surprised by how much i love them) by using reiki/any other energy work on them in addition to the physical aspects, honing something i'm naturally gifted at, so that salons and spas will drool over my dual-licensed self (being able to do both massage and facials at a spa is incredibly appealing to employers), and because i have something to prove after a small emotional crisis. it resulted in tons of ambition. i also got a promotion at work, so now i'm lead esthetician as well. this involves doing payroll, orders, interviews for people, disciplinary stuff, hiring and so on. i don't know where i'm going to pull all the necessary focus from, but it's going to happen. (payroll is today. we couldn't load the videos showing me how to access the reports and i don't know what time the lead therapist and our manager start doing it so i can sit in and watch/take notes/do esthetician payroll. lolol good start)

as you can imagine, this is going to leave me pretty busy. and it will. every day is going to be at the very least 9-7 and most of them will be 6-10. the shortest ones i'll have are sundays (until two months into school), saturdays and fridays. so i might pop in if i have time around there. otherwise, i wont see anybody ever. anybody with my number is totally welcome to text or email or PM or facebook or whatever, since i'll miss you, but iRC is pretty much very very limited now. very.

the upside is that when i graduate in october, my hours will return to normal and i'll be a lot richer. i'm pretty sure a seven month sacrifice of all free time is worth it. smile.gif

We will miss you very much in IRC! Best of luck with school and congrats on your promotion - I'm happy for you smile.gif I bet you'll enjoy every minute of it. I'll be texting you! happy.gif
Ah, so that's a more full version of what you're up to. It definitely sounds worth it - with a very direct reward for a few months of hard slog it sounds like a great choice.

Congrats on the promotion too! Don't worry, we all have rough patches when we get into new roles.

I'll keep my sceptical thoughts about reiki to myself...
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