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Full Version: You Can't Upload Avatars
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You can't upload your own avatars onto my server. Basically this is because this website currently uses the rather astronomical bandwidth of 112GigB a month (and swiftly rising). This board takes a lot bandwidth as it is let alone with everybody's avatars hosted on my server so I've disabled the function. So ner.

If you want a custom avatar you will have to upload it onto a server that permits remote hosting, such as the Tripod ones.

Fortunately, if you can't work out how to do that then further help is at hand. If you have an FTP program then NoName4444 has kindly set up this:

Give me a PM or an IM at NoName4444 and I can help you out.

If you know how to upload, connect to
user: mata
pass: lgg

and your pic will be at*picnamehere.jpg*

You will need an FTP program to make this work, they're pretty logical once you have them installed. FTP programs such as WS_FTP Pro (which I use) or CuteFTP can be bought quite cheaply or you can get free 30 day trial versions from

So now you know the options, there's no excuse for sulking at the back because you can't get your avatar to work!

When making your avatar, please try to make sure that the filesize is reasonable, by that I mean preferably less than 15-20k for a still image and no more than 100k for a moving image (animated .gif). Having lots of huge image files as avatars will mean that the pages of the forum load slowly, and while the pictures are nice, we're here to talk to eachother!


Do you have any avatar nono' .gifs?
Only that they shouldn't be unsuitable material, past that I'm not bothered!
Industrial Kybosh has some hot-linkable avatars - saves shifting them to another site.

There are also, sadly, some annoying pop-ups. Grrr...
Any particular reason, Mata, that we can't steal avatars from livejournal and deadjournal?
None that I know of, unless of course they don't allow remote linking to their images (which is possible).

All the above are free hosts that permit image links. That should keep you going for a while!
Industrial Kybosh
QUOTE (Mata @ Mar 17 2003, 05:09 PM)

They don't seem to be offering free hosting anymore, and freewebz can't be hotlinked (or so my bejiggered Scheer avatar seems to suggest... dry.gif)

I'll try a coupla the others, but it's back to the Decepticons for me...

They definitely do allow it. Perki (who's occasionally on here) uses them.
ack i tried them and my avatar wouldnt show up, jus lycos logo
Industrial Kybosh
Yeah, I tried Tripod for image posting at FFGurus, but they wouldn't allow image linking.

Who's your host now, IdiotFace?
You can fool Tripod and Geocities, just rename the image to something else, it usually works if the site you're using it on isn't picky about filename extensions. On several of the forums I've put up I modified the code to allow it to accept the extension of "gfx" and then I tell my users if they need to use tripod or geocities to host their graphics just rename them with that extension. I'm not familiar with invisionboard though, I use phpBB on my forums.
Here's a link that tells you how to go about using MSN Communities to post images on another board that I frequent, the same principles would apply to this board click here
the URL is too long to fit onto the avatar space if you use msn...

one place that'll host pics under 120k is, you have to use the message board-specific link-type though...
wow, i just thought of something.
since everybody has been posting their quiz results and such, i thought, hey you can link pictures from quiz results!!!!! then i thought wow that was kind of obvious of course you can link quiz result pictures duh. so, we can all go make pointless quizzes and upload whatever we want as results for pointless picture quizzes, and we have free AV hosting! tada!!!!! go to
I went to . . .

smile.gif Got sexy av!
Webpost ( ) is the best free hosting site I know. Their limit isn't very high, but at least one can get multiple accounts.
mr scribble
gah!! huh.gif
i'm really confused blink.gif
could some one please talk me through how to get my own avatar very simply
with as little technical language possible

i don't have tripod
if that's what was being discussed earlier...
okay, first, ya need to find an avatar to use. go to Ing's. she has a list of avatar sites categorized by type, and it's really very nice. save whatever avatar you want to use onto your computer.

next, go to Webpost, like syuu suggested, click on "login"..and create a new account, then click on "upload files" and upload the avatar to your account. then just come in here, click on "my controls,"....then click on "edit avatar settings"...and put the URL of your avatar that you uploaded in the portion that says "Your image avatars" (put it in the first blank under that part, the second one is for uploading the avatar, which Mata doesn't allow). the URL will be two letters of your webpost account name/your webpost account name/the avatar file name.whatever file extension it is (like .jpg or .gif), of course subsituting your own info for what i put. put the avatar dimensions as 100 x 100 (well, unless it's smaller than that, of course...if your avatar ends up distorted, just ask someone for help if you don't know how to find the size of it yourself..but most avatars you will find at Ing's will be 102 x 106 and will look just fine when set to 100 x 100), then just click "add this avatar to my profile" and you're all set.

okay, i hope that's explicit enough to explain it to anyone who is having trouble (such as mr scribble)...and not too confusing. i tried to use as little technical language as possible, but it's difficult to do that. smile.gif
mr scribble
Yeah!! biggrin.gif laugh.gif
It worked
i have a great avatar!!
cheers candice
mittens rules!!!
it took me a while
but i got there... biggrin.gif
i should have come here first..mata tried to explain this whole avitar thing to me but i did not get it at all....all of yours made pretty good sense...but im not sure i completely get how to put the avatar stuf uh..her ill quot it
QUOTE two letters of your webpost account name/your webpost account name/the avatar file name.whatever file extension it is (like .jpg or .gif),

ya i think i get it but u can never be too sure.i hope the next time u c me i will have a decent avatar!!thanks guys!!
ok, i'll try to explain it more, kidvicious. i'll give you an example using my own account and how it fits into the stuff you quoted.

one of my avatar's URL's that i type in is as follows:

see in that scenario, the ra is the first two letters of my account name at webpost, raine is my account name, rikkusweet is the file name, and jpg is the file extension. just plug in your own information, and voila.

if you still can't figure it out, just let me know and i'll PM you my email, then i'll upload the avatar for you and give ya the URL to use. smile.gif
Right. I'll give a go at explaining it to this'un.

1) Save your avatar picture to your computer. Somewhere where you can find it again, prefferably. Otherwise, it int much help. Make sure the dimensions are 100px x 100px or less. They usually come like that.

2) Go to There's a menu on the side, little round boxes in blue. Scroll down to the one that says "login" when you have your account. If you don't have one, there should be a link telling you where to get your free website. If you can't figure this part out, PM me.

3) A menu will appear below once you have logged in. One of the options should say "upload/xfer files" or something to that extent. Now is the time to make sure your avatar is either .jpg, .gif, or .png.

4) Several boxes with a button that say browse next to them will come up. Click on the first box that says browse. Locate your avatar file when the file box comes up, double click it, and the avatar filename will be in the box next to the button. Scroll down to where it says "upload files".

5) The new page will say that your upload is done. Click the blue link that says "view".

6) Once the window pops up, find the file that is your avatar in the list of uploaded files. Once it opens, copy paste the URL.

7) Come back to "my controls" on the forum. Click the box that says edit avatar settings.

8) There's a box above the one where you can upload your own. Paste the URL into said box, and click "add this avatar to my profile".

9) You should be done and have your new avatar. If you don't understand any of these directions, send me a PM and I'll go over it with you. =P Happy uploading.
i was doing it rite the whole time except for one thing.i left out the uploading the pix to my site..heh heh....silly me,well thanks i hope this works!!!
ok i did all of that bbut it didnt work!!! is what i entered into the box after i went to the site and uploaded the avatar.... punk avatar.jpg:// avatar.jpg:// avatar.jpg:// avatar.jpg:// avatar.jpg

is there something wrong with it??!?!?!uh...if it helps i will see if i can get the picture to show up on here....

if it doesnt show up on here i guess that means it dosent exsist or i think i did sumthin wrong..

so help me out ppl....this is confusing stuff.... says when i clicked on the link to find my website i need to create a i need to do that to getthe pic?!?!?
click here.

now copy and paste the URL from your browser, and voila...i hope.

your problem was you were putting spaces in where they didn't belong.
thank you thank you thank you!!! you saved my mega thanx to everyone i finally have an avatar...i think..... thank you so so so so much!!!
Do you add images to your signature the same way u get

your avatar?im curious cuz i have alot of really cute

animated gifs and im not sure how to put em in my

pretty sure its the same way you would put them in a

post tho...correct me if im wrong tho

thanks eveyone

i have an avatar now biggrin.gif
yep, same way you put em in a post you can put em in your sig.
i cant get any sites to work for a banner. wait scratch that....
tis ok! i used my free website thingy on yahoo

huh hinsley?

geocities doesn't allow linking of images.
QUOTE (Mata @ Mar 17 2003, 06:09 PM)

All the above are free hosts that permit image links. That should keep you going for a while!

You can also (if you have a Hotmail account) just throw things in your MSN photo album and link from there....I think!
i dont know if this was mentioned anywhere in this thread but a lot of people i know wanted a certain avatar but when they put them in it was to short. Not the link but the area where you put them in. I tryed to put in this in

But it cut off the last letter. (g). So is there anyway you could extend it?

Mr Fuzzy
If you're having trouble with the length of URLs try visiting or
I've tried useing the snipurl method to link to my website, it works now, but it didn't before!
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Hey - I have a problem where I don't always see everyones avatar, I get the users posted image and a little red box in the corner. Is there any way around this - a setting on my PC I can change or something?

I wouldn't ordinarily mind but I fancied a change and found a new avatar but I can't see the bloody thing - which defeats the object, really. dry.gif
Forever Unknown
Yeah! Snugs says she can't see my avator. I can see it, but I also use it for LJ. Can everyone see it?

Aside from that, I only get problems, I assume, because of work Nazi-ism.
I can't see Snugs', FU's, or poppa.moo's for that matter... unsure.gif

AV CHECK - I hope you can see mine
Forever Unknown
I can see yours, m'dear.

I use Freewebs, due to earlier recommendations. I've found Angelfire have been poop recently. Bah!

Who's good for this kind of thing, then? Help, people! Or else...
photobucket is good so long as your pics title isn't too long although I think you can get a shorter link with it now, I'm just not entirely sure how!

Mine is on photobucket!
Okay, NOW I can see FU's and Snug's...they're very fickle and don't load on the page sometimes. Then again I'm running ME dry.gif

Since I don't upload images much, all I've ever relied on is my free boomspeed. I love it, and I don't think they give out free accounts anymore, so I cling to it biggrin.gif
Snugglebum the Destroyer
That's beacuse FU and I changed to Photobucket!!

I don't mind not being able to see what everyone else has but I really do like to appreciate my own avatar. Must be something about using Freewebs?
You can also use:
You can also use:
One time... I uploaded an avatar all by my lonesome!
QUOTE (Mata @ Mar 17 2003, 05:09 PM) *
.. the above are free hosts that permit image links. That should keep you going for a while!

Thanks, Mata for the above link.
It took a bit of fumbling around, but I`ve just managed to upload an image, Yeah! biggrin.gif
Can we upload pictures of ourselves?
For a personal picture, Crazy, you'll need to link to a picture you already have uploaded on the interweb. Like one of the above photo sites like Photobucket, or Flicker or summit.
QUOTE (funked)out_frog @ Feb 7 2007, 05:50 PM) *
For a personal picture, Crazy, you'll need to link to a picture you already have uploaded on the interweb. Like one of the above photo sites like Photobucket, or Flicker or summit.

Ohh okay. Thanks!
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