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Full Version: The Chatroom Is Now Using Yahoo
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oni ... its 'herb' ... with an 'h' ... a real one, not a silent one ... Everybody knows ... ask Eddy Izzard ...
Does nobody use chat anymore...?
Cath Sparrow
Yup! I'm Mirc most nights Moop lurks Pabs around and others wander in an out.
Anyone in tonight, or am I going wrong somewhere?
Stardate 6062004.42

Captains log:

Dear diary, I am in #burrito, it is Sunday, it is nice weather outside, but I've got my sun-burn for today. #burrito is really nice, but all the yanks are sleeping so there is nobody around. Perhaps now would be a good time for those around to go in and see what #burrito can do for their complexion
is the "old secret" room the one I know the name of, perchance?

oh, and while i'm here, might i add once more for the record:

i hate irc, and it hates me...

go trillian!

(do i get my fifty quid now?)
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