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Full Version: Piercings
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QUOTE (Daria @ Jun 19 2005, 12:00 PM)
Does anyone have any tips or starters on how to/ where to go to get my lobes stretched? And does it matter that they were done with a gun instead of a needle?

Just out of interest, what on earth is lobe stretching? Is it just when you try to make your ear lobes longer? unsure.gif
It's basically putting gradually thicker earrings into the hole to stretch it out. Sometimes they're called plugs.
depressed lonely crazy person
As of 1pm today my septum is now peirced and it looks great and hurt far less than I thought it would it was just hard and took much pressure to go through, I'm currently uploading the fairly dodgy pics to photo bucket.

Thanks for listening

dodgy pics
Wait till you blow your nose !!!
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