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Full Version: What If Blind People Were Just Faking It?
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Just a thought..
hmm i just realized this has nothing to do with animations
cheese is funny
what if blind people were faking what? faking blind? this is a pretty stupid thread in my opinion.... who would WANT to be blind?
(the following theory is only slightly dumber than the last)
what if blind ppl are jus ppl with x-ray vision? cause they'd see through everythin and then they wouldn't see nething...........wacko.gif
what if you all were INSANE!!!??!!


wait you are... huh.gif
You could link this to the animations by suggesting that there should be an animation of faked blind people. Hmm, no, I can't see how that would work. Ignore me.
lol me and my mind. i thought oyu meant faking as in.... well you can probably guess, then i realised why would only blind people fake it? if anything theyd be more senstive and would be less likly to have to.....
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