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Full Version: *magically Reapears Onto Forum*
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ohmy.gif i'm someone's hero? WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! biggrin.gif
commencement today sad.gif never thought i'd get so sad sad.gif it kinda showed me that i didn't actually hate ne of my teachers, i just made some of their lives kinda miserable (the understatement of all time,jk biggrin.gif) because i felt so sad saying goodbye sad.gif and then i had to say goodbye to one of my friends whose not going to ecuador with my class and who i'll probably almost never see again sad.gif sad.gif

but, on a lighter note (lol i've always wanted to say that) it was really funny when they screwed up the order that the shields (that's their version of a 'diploma' for us little grade-skoolers) were in so we all got the wrong one (lol the video shows us all switching shields and it looks like we're trading 'diplomas' biggrin.gif)
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