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Hiya Mata. just a lil question for ya...

My ICT course, well this new unit of it, is about Flash and animations. I was just wondering if I could use your site? Because we have to analyse a website that uses flash and i wanted to analyse yours tongue.gif It'll even get u a little bit of advertising LOL!

Just thought I better ask incase you didnt want me to anyways

Luv Miss SB

ps, sorry i aint been here for ages... didnt have computer access ovre the exam period
Sure, you can if you like!

There's another site that I'm building for a client/friend using Flash that I'll give you the link to when it's done that might be better to look at though since the main interface for this site isn't designed with Flash, it's just plain HTML (because it's easier to update and gives a smaller file size for what I want to do).
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