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Full Version: Scaryness :(
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nah, i don't have him on MSN...just had him on yahoo...and his email was something different from that. blarg.

hrm i don't have caller id or *69 (never really had a use for em till i'll try that tip becca gave me and see if i can't get the phone number.

im thinking at the least if i don't call and bug him, i could sign his phone number up for some things, ya think?
sure, sign him up for a crap load of long distance plans.. and telemarketer sites... wait until the 'national dont not call list is' active (in the US) keep checking to see if his number is on it and take it off biggrin.gif

cept i think he lives in canada. i don't know the number yet...gotta wait till he calls me again..the creep.
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