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LGG on uk.people.gothic

It started off as a conversation about LGG on MTV2 and descended, through a discussion of what MTV2 calls 'goth' into a conversation about BBC Radio 6.

And then I got bored
Well, they liked the animations, so that's good! It sounds like they're only half-hearted about the channel but that's not really anything to do with me... Although I am trying to persuade them into showing some more experimental music on there... not that I have a lot of sway in these things but I figure it's worth a try!
I saw "Little Goth Girl" on MTV2 there a while back & I honestly think it's the best thing that's been on MTV2. biggrin.gif Is it going to be on again?

Yep, have a look at my reply in the 'intro' section.
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