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Full Version: New Episode Ideas
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QUOTE (gerbilfromhell @ Mar 1 2003, 09:32 PM)
try saying 'spray' over and over again in a really calm voice in a crrowded place. but be ready to run away really fast... ph34r.gif

why what do they do?
it gets some people really annoyed for some reason. some people (like me) find saying 'spray' over and over really funny but there are those who don't. and there are a lot of angry people in manhattan. REALLY angry people.....
im not from manhattan and im not REALLY angry but somehow i do not find that amusing. sorry sad.gif
wash cloth

wash cloth

wash cloth
im not from manhattan and im not REALLY angry but somehow i do not find that amusing. sorry
have you tried it yet? you must be in a really crowded area and you must use a weirdly calm voice. if you don't find it funny after that, fine. but you have to follow the directions before saying you don't get it. that must be some kind of important lesson about life..... LOOK OVER THERE A FLYING MONKEY!
Beach Towel
Kitchen Towel
Poofy thingy I was myself with.
flying monkey where catch it break its legs oh and its wings so it cant escape, now just a small sample of dna and i have an evil army he he he

Fly my pretties fly
sam is the monkey he can go anyware
this is the thread that started the snaffleburger death cult wow that was a while ago wasn't it children
"But that *is* how it all ended"
Is this Official Thread Resurrection Week or something?
QUOTE (Polocrunch @ Nov 22 2003, 10:39 PM)
Is this Official Thread Resurrection Week or something?

no thats in april
Umm... I'm not sure if Mata is still taking line suggestions, but if he is then:

*in counsellor's office LGG and counselor talking"
Counselor: Tell me about some good things that you like.
LGG: I like cake. It has frosting. I also like cats, they're fuzzy. But I don't like fuzzy cake.

I know it's lame, but it's all I could think of and I wanted a chance for a line of mine to be in an LGG cartoon.
I don't really take suggestions for lines but I do sometimes try and work in things that I know people would like to see. For example, the jocks that die in the LGG and the bunnies episode were there because of a couple of young women in the US who were constantly being bullied so I included that to make them feel a little better. Apparently they cheered when they first saw it smile.gif
I it would be funny if there was a mr. s. animation that showed all these 'offically licensed' Snaffleburger products all at once(ie. products with Mr. Snaffleburger's image plastered on them).

You could come up with all sorts of weird/useless/mundane things w. his face on them. Like the Mr Snaffleburger pregnancy test. or mr. S. toilet paper...or the mr. s linoleum tile collection, mr s. bathroom wall tampon dispensers (er..sorry im in a weird mood)

. And all the while the corporation voice would be talking about how the gullible masses would want to buy these products in droves bc. mr s's face was on them.

Hmmmm kind of reminds me of all the 'krusty the clown' licensed products on the simpsons. or the martha stewart line of home products.

My apologies if there is already an animation based on this idea. laugh.gif I think I have seen them all...but that was a few months ago.

this is from almost a year ago...weve gotta have some new ideas. even if they arent used, its still a fun concept.
QUOTE (Mata @ Feb 26 2003, 02:26 AM)
Okay, there's a challenge. Rather than suggesting a whole plot (which for complex legal reasons I wouldn't be able to use anyway) how about you folks see who can think of the best line to try and work into an animation. I'll pick one or more and try and sneak it into a plot somewhere biggrin.gif

"Blarh Blarh Blarh, My Foot hurts, My hands are tied up, I need my own blood to live; Do you ever stop whining?"
Am I the only person who sees a weird error on this thread? I reckon that it's yet more dodgy database transference...
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