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Full Version: I'm Soooo New
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*pokes Cathiekins* Debaser's last post in this thread...
Cath Sparrow
Psst read edited verion! tongue.gif
psst...what's with all the psst-ing? he's not coming back...
Cath Sparrow
psst.... I dont know it's like that the empty house thing where you end up whispering even though theres no one to disturb. tongue.gif
whats with all this whispering? I am unfortunately very loud and have decided that I will shout a hello [SIZE=14]HELLO!!!!!!!![/SIZE]
people are still posting in this thread? bleah...

btw, for those who were at the meet before me...e703 = the not bald one that got me lost...
Yay, my first post...I can't believe how long it went on for!
QUOTE (e703 @ Jun 20 2003, 06:58 PM)
Why does everyone like Dayan so much?

Didn't Dayan die or something? I seem to remember there being a sticky thread about his memorial website.
Yes, he did. This is an ooold post (my first) from over a year ago.
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