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Full Version: Extreme Jam Sandwich Eating
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Okay, there's nothing I can say to explain this more than is on the page itself
LOL, the Xtreme face at the end is cool. laugh.gif

And I want easy money like that too!! tongue.gif
I worry sometimes... unsure.gif rolleyes.gif
All you have to do is eat a slice of bread with jam on both sides after having run a website posting new animations regularly for over a year and a half.


And nice one to Brian Platt for suggesting it and sending me money. It's been rather a good day today because SJWT from this forum has been lovely and sent me a donation too. I love the people who come to this site *gets all teary*.
Mr Fuzzy
This could become an earner for you - next time it might be somebody offering a tenner for extreme marmite. That would burninate the lips!
Sarah the Spider
Ha ha ha OoOoOoOoh I loved the Xtreme (No E's here!) Jam Sandwich Eating.

But your hands got all sticky and such...the horror!!!
You've got to suffer for your art sometimes.
cheese is funny
ive always wanted to see what mata looks like a completly non-creepy way that is blink.gif
mr scribble
i'm afraid this is gonna lead on to more requests
you should make a section of your site called
mata Xtreme
or such like
and have these crayzee stunts logged
you could get serious commercial gain here
now i sound like an estate agent...
...would you like to buy a house??
I'd love to buy a house. What do I have to do to get you to give me the money to afford it?

While we're on the subject of silly things to do IRL I've reactivated the link to the 'How to have fun on a lovely afternoon' animation on the main page.
so we can pay you to do strange yet entertaining things huh.gif
Whats the addy to pay via paypal anyways????
QUOTE (mr scribble @ Jun 19 2003, 05:20 PM)
i'm afraid this is gonna lead on to more requests

Heh, sure will!!

Mata, I'll send ya 20 if ya eat a whole jar of jam. (Your choice of flavour)

With yer hands.

On Winchester High Street! laugh.gif
Mr Fuzzy
Ooh! I'd watch that!
5 if yuo can survive two hours in a room with my sister without killing her or yourself. (no seditive or straitjackets allowed)
Y'see the wonder of donating with PayPal is that you have to send the money first before making the suggestion and then I might do it smile.gif

Whats the addy to pay via paypal anyways????

There is a button to donate using PayPal at the bottom of the jam eating page, and in the right column of the main page or you can send money through PayPal to mata [at} matazone {doot} co [doot} uk
BTW, the jam eating page just got mentioned in the newsletter sent out by (as well as the new LGG animation) which goes out to around 60,000 people and in the last twenty minutes I've had over a hundred hits.

I usually average around 50 per hour at this time of day, 100 p/h at peak time. Blimey.
mr scribble
we must have a parade or something
or at least some food...

do you think it's possible to make a full trolley take off at running speed from a speed bump??

could be a challenge...

but i can't donate
i have no money

but i am gonna buy a t-shirt or two at the end of the month

i'll try to get two if you manage it...
i'm not really sure what you mean by trolly, but i'm going on the asumption that you mean a cart like one you would push food around on. if so then i already have the answer to your question.
Differences between what you asked and what we did.
1.)there was a foamie type mat put on the top of it.
2)rather then being full, it had me sitting on top of it
3)rather then a speed bump a a small ramp was used

now it is possible to get it to take off at full running speed, however you need someone very strong to push it, due to the fact that the incline will slow you down, and then becoming air born will do the same. alot of speed gets lost in the air. This was a vaer interesting physics project i got to do smile.gif
mr scribble
kind of a jackass* thing then

you wouldn't happen to be american would you??
'cos i'm british

i live on the isle of wight

(small island of the south coast of britain)
(all you who do not already know that...
go look in an atlas NOW!!!)
(we get a lot of tourists)...

just a sec...

[made a clicky by Mata for being too wide]

it's the isle of wight!!!

*as in the tv programme
not like some of the people i know...
QUOTE (mr scribble @ Jun 20 2003, 10:57 PM)
kind of a jackass* thing then

you wouldn't happen to be american would you??
'cos i'm british

I'm not american, I'm Canadian.

And it wasnt really a jackass type of thing, although it turned out to be fun, it wasnt for the purpose of being fun. It was an experiment we did in physics 20. we all got into groups and the smallest (lightest one) had to get on the cart, and the bigest/strongest one had to push the cart. The other people had to use stop watches and velocity meters. smile.gif

the important and trival things school can teach you. i knew i would be able to use this some day.
Isle of White eh? Shanklin had 27 shops selling porceline dolls when I last went there ,and half clothed people wondered around a somerfield. There was a train too...............but in my mind IoW gave my town the Nashes and that evil woman who emailed me. Yuo need a lot to make up for that.

(Im all for this tar em all with the same brush approach, it doesnt confuse my simple mind as much)
im from california....ya i know america sounds fun but never go on vacation the the mojave desert!! its like 120 degrees out here!!!u guys r lucky in england its nnot very far from the ocean no matter where u are...anyway...
jackass* is the funniest legal/dangerously stupid show. i want to see the mom is laughing because evr since ive been to the mata forum..i talk with an english accent...i dont know y...but im using alot of the terms... oh and that england report that i thot i failed on...i got an was a miracle....bye mata!!
I've camped for a week in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, that gets pretty toasty... It's just around the corner (kind of) from Death Valley smile.gif I went there as part of the Burning Man festival

Click here to see stuff about the Burning Man, warning, some photos of nude people!
mr scribble
i like the canadians
my cousins live there
and i have an 'i am canadian' t-shirt

but i'm not canadian
i'm a quarter scottish though...

which... could make up for it...
MATA!!! that was the bossed website thingy ever! i want to send money so i can give a request but credit card and pay pal are out of the question. Can you give me and address? i might have to pay hella postage but i can probably spare 10 bucks. thats it. maybe i could save for multiple weeks and get a t. but i need that adress. im going to report this post so u can see it and i will pm you and i will post it cuz it does have some (some almost none...ha!) relevency.

edit: never mind i'm not gonna report
i still say, apricot preserves or peanut butter would've been more appealing. nice show though. perhaps next time thou canst try it whilst standing on thine head?
hmmmm.... how much money would it take to get you to eat a entire jar of mello fluff... out of a diaper...
mello fluff, have you read the ingredients of that stuff. Thats not Xtreme thats just plain suicide laugh.gif
I've made it a rule never to eat the ingredients of something that looks like whipped toxic fumes..

but it's really good with peanut butter so it can't be all bad, now can it?
mello fluff rocks, but the moneys good i jsut want to know how much itll take to get him to do it... expechially out of a diaper!
Mata, you ever heard of Dave's Insanity Sauce? I'll pay you 20 to eat a bottle of that - BUT you cannot drink for at least five minutes after having finished (and I'll want video evidence!)
Y'see, the delight of this is that you actually have to send the money then I decide whether or not I'm daft enough to do it. Send 20 and I'll give you your answer!
QUOTE (Mata @ Jul 20 2003, 05:42 PM)
Y'see, the delight of this is that you actually have to send the money then I decide whether or not I'm daft enough to do it. Send 20 and I'll give you your answer!

No dice, Mata-boy. You'll eat the sauce, or no money for you!
cheese is funny
i take it this insanity sauce is hot stuff?
QUOTE (cheese is funny @ Jul 20 2003, 06:01 PM)
i take it this insanity sauce is hot stuff?


Actually, Mata, even if you have to drink you'll still get the money. I just want to see that video. biggrin.gif
LOL that was too funny! smile.gif
I think watching Mata eating a bottle of hot sauce then watching the next five minutes would be pretty damn funny. How bout it, Mata? Ten now, ten after?
the point of asking how much would it take to get you to eat mello fluff out of a diaper is id have to get the money to send it to you... im rather jobless and living off of ss from my mom.
I got money to send, but I just cant think of what to request. I have managed to forget every time I was going to send it. So far the only one I can remember was here I'l give you 20 pound, drink a beer or something. me I'll probably just send you the money.
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