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Full Version: Was The Voice For Sara Right On MTV?
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I'm still undecided on if it was what I was expecting.....anyone else?
Good poll, I'll be interested to see what the final results are...
nopies i really dont think it was was ..well just not goth gurl. sorry , hey it still tongue.gif
I liked the voice. It had a certain faux-innocence about it biggrin.gif
it was all wrong, she wasn't withdraw enough... except when she went "Yey!" then it sounded OK.
lots of love
I've heard that she got to be on MTV, but I didn't get to see it. Is it on the MTV site somewhere? If so, could someone post a link? If not, can it be hosted on the matazone site for us to watch? dry.gif
waaa we want LLG on mtv2 in new york! you people....always tryna make me jealous! we belive in you mata! you can get LLG in the U.S.A.!
I actually thought the voice was too girly. I appreciate the fact that LGG IS a girl LOL but I would have thought someone a bit more domineering in their tone would have been best fitted.

It didnt ruin it - it still totally rocked but I wasnt thrilled over the voice.
I reapeat what NoName said. I didn't see it. mad.gif
mr snaffleburger is on mtv2 as well...just to rub it in on you americans....hehe...the snaffleburger voice is rite but im not sure on the lgg one yet
her voice was ok i guess but it coulda been better so i voted 'i dunno'
The Mr Snaffleburger one's are right because that's still me doing them smile.gif
NOOOOOOOO! they get mr snaffleburger AND LLG? ohmy.gif im going off to cry myself to sleep
right on, dont let those MTV2 people steal mr snaffleburgers voice!
But but but... I want to watch LGG on MTV2! When does it air? Just randomly with the music videos? late at night? I want to hear LGG with a voice.... blink.gif
MTV2 in europe! i know arent you jealous of them! grr i want LLG and MR SB on MTV2 in the U.S.A. ooo please ooo please mata tell the mtv2 america people to read these forums and demand that they air it here too!
ok I've only saw Mr Snaffleburger on mtv2 uk (sorry craziness), in fact it was because of this i discovered the site and laughed my buttocks of at the creative subconcious mind of mata. i have yet to see little goth girl on mtv2 but have seen an advert i'm pretty sure its on when gfish be at work 16:00 - 22:00 dangit!!
ofcourse you did thats why we need it here. the wya i found this site was a friend who ive been friends with since age 3 who is the biggest goth i know (she doesnt go to my school) has met some of my friends and loves them of course and communicates w/ them via AIM so she told my best friend in my school and he told me and yes now my entire school knos and soon the enitire world will know and mata will be the emporer of earth.
if i ruled earth i'd get a better title than emporer.

GOD of the goldfish suits me, you can have the humans the gfish are mine ha ha ha
mata isnt god mr sb is. mata can be emporer/supreme ruler/highness/
king/president/prime minister/sultan/master/ruler/highpreist/sovreign/
monarch/leader/czar/cheif/baron/caesar/ caliph/gerent/imperator/kaiser/
count/superstar ETC...
of the world but mr sb is god you hear me?
Wait, so you're saying that the corporations have become so powerful, that they control god? That's a scary thought. Besides, lgg rules everything anyways (under Mata, of course).
Industrial Kybosh
Pfff! You miserable SOBs should be glad you have MTV2 at all.

}}}being stuck with pitiful terrestrial TV{{{

Dammit! I want my MTV!!!

I'm sure LGG and Mr. S rocked muchly, but I had to vote 'Dunno'

I completely missed it!!!!!!


Please tell me it's gonna be on again! Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease....

I've seen the Snaffs tho. Could do without the TRUST US banners, it compresses the whole picture. And the music was a bit pointless, esp on the confused one.
Hello, first time posting!


Oh, and I love you. smile.gif
*waves* Hiya,

The first five Mr Snaffleburger animations and the first seven LGG animations are being shown at random times on MTV2 Europe (not the US networks... yet!).

The reason that the animations have a border is that they are made to be viewed in a normal web browser window, which means that they are produced in a letter box format, the banners mean that I don't have to got through every animation individually adjusting them so that they are in 3:4 ratio.
US-people, we need to get together and harrass our silly American MTV into playing Matazone animations! We shall rally together and protest naked in front of their studios! And if they refuse us, we shall egg and plastic-wrap their overexpensive cars! Mwahaha!

Just a thought.
craziness about we just send them many angry emails saying WE WANT LLG AND MR SB NOOOOOOW! and protest at TRL or something all wearing matazone shirts. i dunno, just a thought. and TRL is in NY so i could prolly go...hehe
QUOTE (MistressAlti @ Mar 6 2003, 08:25 PM)
US-people, we need to get together and harrass our silly American MTV into playing Matazone animations! We shall rally together and protest naked in front of their studios! And if they refuse us, we shall egg and plastic-wrap their overexpensive cars! Mwahaha!

Just a thought.

as fun as that would be...... I donít think it would work... Although I would love to shrink wrap a 2003 Porsche 911 Turbo *droolll* (and put it under my Christmas tree hehehehe.....)
I think a better approach would be to find the US comment line and start a *voice getting steadily louder* e-mail campaign of gargantuan proportion!!!!!!!
Oh. Well. I guess we could do it the civil, reasonable way too.
I soooooooo wish that I had that channel.
civil and responsible?

who'd that ever work for?

don't say ghandi he is the exception
quick, someone put up a link to a sample of the voice,
though i must sadly sa i can see her as a cute quite little
girly voice, it add ph34r.gif an extra punch..
Free Psycho
Mata--isn't there anyway for you to post a sample of an episode or LGG's voice at the very least?? Please??!!
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