I make little window-sitter mascots. They look sweet! If you go www.otakuworld.com and look at mascots, you will see what I mean. Harry n Hermione by Sylvi Storm is mine (ain't they cyoot? *HarryPotterFan!grin*).


I was sat, idly swaying at my computer (as I do) and decided it would be good to do a little Mr SB, just to sit on the window...and roll his eyes around...and tell people to conform consume and obey n stuff....maybe get electrocuted sometimes... But I decided I should get permission to:
a) use the artwork
cool.gif use the character
and c) get the sound (actually, I'd need to find out how to get the sound, but if I don't get permission there isn't really much point finding out how, is there?!)

So can I Mata? Pleaseohpleaseohplease?

*grins winningly*