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Full Version: The League Of Ish
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Sure thing, Spoon! Lemme have a member title and I'll add ya to the site!
Flagelant Beaver? I can be the beaver that likes a whipping in the league of ish. Yes... Yes indeed!
Cath Sparrow
Leo just thought I'd let you can get baby Super Bannana Lambs at the Tate in Liverpool I saw them the other week! biggrin.gif
QUOTE (EvilSpoon @ Jan 18 2004, 06:09 AM)
Flagelant Beaver? I can be the beaver that likes a whipping in the league of ish. Yes... Yes indeed!

Okie dokie Spoon... look out fer an update at an ISH website near you soon!
Owing to the major changes in my life, what with basically starting again with a new person and becoming a dad of three, it's become just about impossible for me to continue being the runner of this 'ere league. It's not just that I don't get time to update the site, but I don't have the same desire or energy for it that I used to.

So, I'm stepping down as Grand Master.

I've taken the site down, cos there's little point me leaving it there doing nothing. I may well use the space to do something else, but what that is yet, I don't know.

If anyone wants to take up the reins of the league, then feel free to! I'll put the Saucy One in charge of it for now.

Sorry you didn't get to see your name in lights, Spoon sad.gif
Aww, it won't be the same without you baby, How am I gonna smite all those unbelievers on me own????? unsure.gif
Iam of course, as Grand Mistress of the mighty League, happy to take over the running of this fantastic institution of Matazone.
But only coz it's for you mind..... wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
/me raises hand ...

web man here ... I can do anything except host it, cos thats a cost, and nuts to costs ... Leo, dude, i believe the space/domain price for your current set-up is gobsmackingly cheap? ... hmmmm ... whadya reckon?
Cath Sparrow
All! Hail the Grand Mistress of ISH! *bows down in worship!* biggrin.gif
Thank 'ee kindly Cath!!! Here, have a few minions in gratitude of your alledgience to ISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Lobs grovelling minions at Cath*
Cath Sparrow
Cool I got minions!
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